Ano Natsu de Matteru: Episode 10

Kaito recalls the time when he and Ichika confessed to each other. When they were about to kiss, Kaito seemed to have kissed Rinon in his sleep. Of course, Kaito was surprised at what he was doing, but assumes that what has happened seemed to be a dream. Ichika walks up to him, claiming that the said the same thing the day before. Ichika hands him a blanket for sleeping, but instead wraps herself around the blanket with him. The two were side by side with a blanket covering them. Clearly, they were in love. Kaito still cannot believe what ha happened that day. Ichika tells him that they have Kanna to thank, for she was the one who pushed her to confess to her. Kaito wonders whether or not Kanna was still depressed after what she has one for them.

At Kanna’s home, Kanna complains that she is unable to go outside since everyone would notice that her eyes were red from crying. Tetsurou, who was with her, tells her that he had already covered for her, telling the others that Kanna had a cold. Tetsurou tells her that he will keep that day a secret from everyone. Kanna’s mother asks if Tetsurou wanted to stay for lunch, na dbefore Tetsurou can respond, Kanna states that he had some urgent business to do and had to leave. While he was leaving, he recalls the time when he was trying to soothe Kanna during her worst state. Before Tetsurou was able to do anything else to help, Kanna decides to go back home, not wanting him to follow her. Tetsurou knew that Kanna wanted him to leave only because she does not want to see him in her crying state. Soon enough, Kanna is indeed seen crying back in her bed. As Tetsurou was about to go home, he happens to bump into Mio along the way, how was going to go to Kanna’s house. Tetsurou claims that she is very sick; therefore, she should not go. Mio asks if Tetsurou wanted to eat something instead. Apparently, she made a cake for Kanna, possible to cheer her up. Tetsurou takes the offer, not wanting the food to go to waste.

Back at Kaito’s house, Kaito was reediting the film for their movie. Ichika got closer to him and snuggled behind him. Their faces came together, and they were about to kiss until both of them spot Lemon, who was sitting directly across from the table and taping their couple-like moment with her camera. Lemon tells them to ignore her and continue what they were doing, but, of course, it was not meant to be. Lemon quickly asks if they are officially together, to which they said yes. Lemon slips a condom pack to Kaito in front of them. Of course, Kaito was shocked at the “present” Lemon gave him and quickly placed it in his pocket before Ichika was able to discern what it was that Lemon gave him. Lemon tells them that they should be happy that the two are together, since one does not really get to love an alien like that.

Mio and Tetsurou ate at the park. Miob wonders why he decided to have Ichika at their movie from before, to which he answered that Kaito wanted her to be in it. He stated that he was only doing it with Kaito in mind and nothing more. Mio asks that he had to have known of Kanna’s feelings since they are so close to each other. Tetsurou knew of it already and claimed that he thought that the movie would made Kaito and Kanna get together. Of course, what happened was the complete opposite that he did not see coming. Mio then asked if he was going to ignore his feelings for Kanna. Tetsurou did not know what she was talking about, but Mio knew that his eyes were only set for Kanna. Mio tells him that he should say it to her if he truly loved her. Again, Tetsurou did not know what she was talking about. Mio states that the reason she was able to say what was on her mind was because of him. She asks what Tetsurou felt about her, and he cannot give a true response. Mio then leaves. Tetsurou, alone, now hates himself for the things that he had done and attempted to let out his frustrations, but hurts himself in the process.

At night, Katio asks Ichika if they wanted to go out for a bit. Ichika agrees and teleports them to the place where they confessed at the lake not too far away from the city. Kaito asks if she needed his help in finding the place she was looking for. Ichika tells him he does not have to. She stated that, before, her purpose was to look for that place. Now, all she wanted was to stay by his side. Kaito stated that he first wanted to make a movie to try something new, but never would have guessed it would bring the two together.

At Tetsurou’s house, Manami asks what was wrong with him since he has been so quiet when they got back. Because Tetsurou does not say anything, Manami asked that that attitude was not only his strength but his major weakness. She tells him that acting cool and pretending that nothing happened was only making him immature. He states she has to right to tell him anything, but Manami leaves to her husband when he arrives to his place to pick her up. Afterwards, Kaito gives Tetsurou a call, stating that they are going to start their movie the day after tomorrow now that Ichika came back. Tetsurou asked if they have reconciled, to which he answered yes. Kaito also tells him that they will express their relationship to everyone at that time. Tetsurou asks about Kanna’s feelings, but Kaito states that it was all the more reason to tell everyone about it. This leaves Tetsurou in a state of shock, not realizing that everything that he had done up to this point was a failure.

The next day, Tetsurou calls Kanna out to a park where they used to play as children outside of their hometown. The two were talking about their childhood before Kanna asks what his real intentions were in wanting to see her here. Before Tetsurou was about to say something, Kanna tells him if it was about Kaito, he should save it for later. Kanna was going to leave if that was all, but Tetsurou yelled out that everything that has happened thus far was not a part of his idea. He tells her he wanted the movie to be the catalyst that would allow them to be together, but it only made the girl whom he loves cry. Kanna asks if he was joking, but Tetsurou said he was very serious. Of course, this was bad timing for him since Kanna was already trying to get through her emotions with Kaito. However, Tetsurou still wanted to say it to get it off of his chest despite knowing that she loves Kaito. Kanna did not know what to do, but Tetsurou walked up to her and tells her to be herself. From there, Kanna runs to Kaito with thanks of Tetsurous words of encouragement. Tetsurou, in the mean time, drops to the floor after being rejected, which he was prepared for. Mio hugs him from behind telling him he could cry, which he responded will not. Meanwhile, Kanna runs up to Kaito, who was at his house. Kanna states that she loves him, but Kaito told her he loves Ichika, which she was prepared to hear. Kanna states that she wanted to say it nonetheless.

Soon, they day came for them to be together to take the movie. All of them were full of smiles and filled with energy. It seemed as though all the weight from all of their shoulders has been lifted now that all have stayed true to themselves. Each character was finally able to say what was on her mind, and through it, each was able to move on with their daily lives. There was nothing to blockade them from the path they were going. It was as smooth an clear as it should be. When their filming was over, Katio and Ichika went back home, only to be surprised that someone appeared from their backyard. The mysterious girl in question happens to be Ichika’s older sister. What is going to happen now?


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