KBM Male Division 2012: Round of 16

We are now down to the Top 16, and the fight for the top gets that much closer as the best of the best stand up to the plate for an even tighter match-up. With many things flourishing around the men’s minds, one would have to argue just what exactly they have to do to keep themselves mentally focused while staying with the task at hand. Surely, each of them is thinking about various strategies to come up with along with coming with the best method of knocking the opponent out. Either way, we should be having a slug fest given the characters that are about to head off against each other.

One quick prediction is that there will be many voters in the first half of this round and a gradual diminish from the later half. I say this because some of the more interesting matches are found in the very beginnings of the match, such as Masaomi Kida against Shinsuke Takasugi and Shinichi Kudo against Gintoki Sakata. If I were in charge of match placement, I would have put one of those as an end card finisher for this match, for both match may portray interesting results. The last match seems to be quite predictable, but I may be the only one thinking that way. Speaking of predictability, maybe I should put down here as well who I believe to win as well. I did not place it up during Round of 32. In now dawned on me that I could have just placed it here and then write stories within every result page. On that note, here are my predictions for who will be our Top 8:

Group 1: Masaomi Kida vs. Shinsuke Takasugi. Quite an interesting match. Durarara!! sends out their last, but certainly strongest, member out there, an it is all on the line here. The problem is that Gintama is quite a strong group to be reckoned with, and I would not be surprised if we get to see a Gintama final. However, I am not too fond in intra-series matches and single series dominance, but that looks to be the case here. Kida can try, but Takasugi looks to be the victor here.

Group 2: Shinichi Kudo vs. Gintoki Sakata. Again this is another close call to tell. Both characters are very strong for their respective series. Again, if anything, I think Gintoki is going to win this with a major Gintama fanbase pushing behind their backs.

Group 3: Toushirou Hijikata vs. Sougo Okita. Well, there is now a 100% chance that there will be one less Gintama person come Round of 8. However, since all four of these men are strong, I do not think it matters. I have not really watched Gintama, so I have no clue as to whom of the two fans will side with. I assume Hijikata.

Group 4: Shou Kurusu vs. Ichigo Kurosaki. Shou slayed a fairy strong Gintama soldier known as Kamui, but I am still shaky about where he is in terms of strength. Against Ichigo, I think he has a decent chance to beat him.

Group 5: Shota Kazehaya vs. Kakashi Hatake. Kakashi was a quarter finalist in the past, but me might not be able to perform the same has before. I have said previously that no matter how many voters come today, Shota manages to get relatively the same percentage of people backing him up. Shota should be able to win this one here.

Group 6: Rin Okumura vs. Kaito Kid. Rin seems to be showing signs of weakness as of late when he fought Nurarihyon. Kid managed to edge out Kagura by a few votes, but that most likely was leaned more towards his favor for he was male. If I had to choose, I would go with Kid.

Group 7: Sanji vs. Sebastian Michaelis. Sanji may be a ladies man, but I do not think he can defeat Sebastian when it comes to charms. When it comes to a fight, it might be interesting, but I think Sebastian has a high chance of winning this.

Group 8: Ciel Phantomhive vs. Mystogan. Mystogan is most likely the weakest male to enter in this competition. Ciel is quite strong and should have no problem wiping him out.


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