Toaru Hikuushi E No Tsuioku

Due to his poor economic background and race, a young boy has been bullied and picked on throughout his life. Without a mother or father to run into the arms of for comfort, the boy had no choice but to survive by himself alone while suffering through the various racial and class problems that surrounded him. Getting chased around, beaten up, and, picked on every day, the boy merely wanted to be in the sky and fly to the clouds where he can be free. After many years of struggle and hard work, he was finally able to join the air force and become one of the best pilots to date. Even with his great ability, he was still racially and financially taunted by the people there, but he was able to hold it in now that he has many comrades by his side who will step up for his defense. One day, he is given a task that only someone of his capabilities can do: sending someone of high importance across treacherous waters heavily guarded by enemy forces. Little did he or the person whom he is going to escort would know what will happen to either of them as they fly through the sea. This is Charles Karino. This is his story set in his eyes.

The person he was going to escort was Princess Fana del Moral from their land of San Maltilia. Before he was tasked to pilot her, Fana was at her home to be dressed as beautifully as she can be. Apparently, her house was hosting a party featuring the engagement of the del Moral family and the Levamme family. Many aristocrats were very excited about this proposal and expected gret things to come from it. Prince Carlo Levamme, the future head of the Levamme family and the commander-in-chief of the Levamme air force, was very eager to meet the woman whom he was to wed after hearing many things from her. When Fana finally appeared to the crowd, everyone was in awe by her beauty, behavior, and mannerism, especially Carlo. When she is finally presented in front of him, Carlo sincerely gives her his words of affection as well as a marriage proposal, to which she accepts. Carlo states that the war between his country and the Amatsuvians have gotten words and promises that in a year he will defeat the Amatsuvians and marry her then. After that, he leaves to his country once more to fight against the enemy forces.

Well over a year has passed, and the war continues to grow worse, but the promise he made to Fana is still strong and binds them together. One night, enemy planes fly over to San Maltilia and started firing missiles at the main house. While many of the del Moral family survived, the bombing took the life of her father. While all weep for him at his funeral, the head butler was informed by the Levanne Air Force that the enemy wishes to take Fana’s life away to lover the men’s moral. However, they were told that Prince Carlo send an elite fleet to pick her up and bring her to his homeland. Finally, they will meet, but it will not be as easy at it seems.

A few days later, Charles, who was at the cafeteria with other air force members, was called to the general’s office. The main general told him he was given the assignment stated above. He asked if he had ever done such a mission before, to which he answered to. To see if he was up to the task, he was given a map to set a course in front of him, to which he gives a well formatted travel. He passes for setting a decent course and is given their most technological jet that may not be as fast as their enemy counterpart, but decent in its own right. When he was told that Lady Fana would be the one whom he should escort, Charles tells them that he thought the 8th Command Fleet was going to pick her up. Apparently, they were ambushed by the enemy forces and most of them were wiped out. If word of this gets to public, they will be forced to have peace treaties, something he does not want due to all the embarrassment the enemy caused them during the war. He asks more sternly whether he is up to the ask, to which Charles had to say yes. When he leaves, the general hates the fact he sent a lower class person to due a top secret mission. Later that day, many of his comrades drink with him to celebrate his mission and to increase morale for the war at hand. Charles wonders why they were celebrating since they would be decoys for this mission, but they all agreed that none will die, and they will be proud once he goes out and complete this mission. Charles, now with motivation drinks with them, and everyone has a blast.

The next day, the mission begins. While everyone is sent to their post, the general brings Charles to Princess Fana. Upon their meeting, Charles recalls a girl long ago with a similar image as her. The general and several of her butlers talk while Charles was signaled to leave to the cockpit. Charles arrives to the Santa Cruz, the plane they hold him about and checked out his capabilities. While he was checking out his functions, some of her maids wanted to put some luggage into the trunk of the plane despite the mechanics telling them with that amount it would slow the plane down. The men give up, and Fana, in a pilot suit, is delivered to the other side of the plane. The general tells him that he must not fail this mission. Charles states that he will not and takes off.

The first day was smooth sailing. Upon landing, Charles tells Fana to throw away any luggage that she does not truly need, for the plane will not fly as fast with things weighing it down. Fana agrees to do so and looks through the various luggage before slipping off the plane and falling to the water in the process. Charles quickly rescues Fana, but their relaxation had to wait. Enemy search planes which should not be here were coming in this direction. Charles forces Fana to get on the plane, and the two fly away with all of the luggage thrown into the water. They manage to hide in time for them to go away, That night, they set up a raft and were finally able to relax. Fana apologizes for all the trouble she has caused him, but he does not mind it as long as they are safe from harm. When he goes back to the plane, Fana sings a song that he remembers someone singing to him during his childhood.

The next day, they fly off once more, but Fana sees an enemy fleet during the flight to which he quickly gets away from. Charles thanks Fana for seeing something that he was unable to see and thinks she would be a good pilot with her sharp vision. He was quite confused as to why there were so many fleets passing by him. The mission should be top secret and encoded so there should be no way for the Amatsuvians to know of it. After that scare, the remainder of the flight was calm. That night, the two set up camp once more. Charles tells her that they will be able to get to Cyon Island in two days. Fana thought she was going to be sent directly to the capital, but Charles states that they will pick her up there and go back to make it look as though the fleet had miraculously survived the ambush with her in their ship. Fana asked if he was okay doing this, for they were not only falsifying the truth, but also stealing his glory in doing a difficult mission like this. He states that he will be given a large sum of money that he can use to retire and stay in an island by himself. He hears some planes and quickly goes to the plane to see, but noticed that not only was the fleet moving away from him, it looked as though they were searching for something. Fana then recalls a letter that Prince Carlos has sent to her, which talked about his thoughts about the mission, through a military telegraph. Already, the plan was leaked through to the enemies via a simple letter. Clearly, Charles was angry, for not only were the plans leaked, his friends who were sent to act as decoys were most likely shot down and killed in the process. Fana tried to defend for the prince, but Charles id not want to hear any of it. Clearly, there was no point in arguing during a mission like this. Charles tries to cheer himself up, stating that there still might be a chance that the plans were not directly leaked through them. He asks for forgiveness for shouting like that, and hands her a blanket for them to rest for the night. Before going to sleep, Fana wanted to say something to him, but trips once again and falls in the water.

Back at the raft, Charles asked what she wanted, and Fana wanted him to rest on the raft. Fana wondered why they were able to talk this freely and believes that this was not the first time they have met. Charles also thinks so as well. In the past, Charles was working at a plantation but was abused due to his ethnicity and race. At one point, he want out of the fiends to cry, but a girl walks up to him and asks why he was crying. The girl hands him some flowers from the garden and tells him that flowers, despite planted in the ground, grows towards the freedom offered in the sky. Indeed, not only have the two met before as children of different class, but Fana was the reason why he wanted to be pilot, for he wished to attain that freedom and relieve himself from the pain where he resided in. He recalls those wonderful moments and sleeps. Fana properly tucks him in, watches his sleeping face, an rests as well.

The third day of flight was the most important, for that would be day when they would be traveling through heavy enemy-guarded territories. As they flew, Fana spotted a part of the sky that was completely black. Charles was scared, and his instincts were right. An entire enemy fleet had surrounded them. Certainly, they were in a do-or-die situation. The fleet fired various homing missiles onto them, and Charles was on the run. Charles attempted to dodge the missiles as much as possible while dodging through enemy guns. In the midst of the chaos, Charles flies directly below a ship and flies upward, out speeding the missiles while dodging a shower of bullets. At the contact, he zooms above them and apologizes for what he was about to do. The enemy missiles destroys their own fleet as well as the men on it. Fana sees this and is shocked, recalling the time when her house was on fire by those same missiles. Charles honored the men who were on the fleet.

They fly above the sky and temporarily relaxed after outrunning the fleet, but various bullets were shot from below, one of them hitting his head. Fana saw an entire swarm of enemy planes firing at them. They were they types of planes that were able to fly faster than the enemy even during an acceleration boost. Fana was scared and tried to call Charles, but he was knocked out from the bullet shot. Their plane was falling down, and the enemy slowly follows them. Fana continues to call him out, but he does not respond. They fire several bullets at her. Fana, who sees an attached machine gun, tries to use it to shoot the planes down, but the gun would not fire. They were quickly going down to the sea, and Fana does not know what to do. In the last second, Charles wakes up and uses the acceleration boost to fly away. The enemy planes chase after him, firing various bullets at him, but he continuously dodges them. Charles asks Fana to talk to him, for if she does not get a conversation going, be might faint due to blood loss. He continues to dodge a shower of bullets until one of the main pilots tell them to fall back since they were starting to get out of range from their remaining fleet. All of the pilots turn around, meaning that they have survived for now. The peace does not last long, however, because they were about to crash into a large waterfall that separated their country from Levamme. Charles, still trying to remain conscious, flies upward until they were over the waterfall.

By the end of the day, the plane crashes into one of the islands that were located near the waterfall. Fana wasted no time getting out of the plane and shouldering Charles to shore. Upon resting him on a tree, she does back to the plane for an emergency fit and quickly applied first aid on him. By nightfall, she finished cleaning all of the blood from his body and bandaged all of his wounds. Charles was still reacting to the pain from the bullet wounds, so Fana sings him a lullaby that he heard in the past, allowing him to peacefully fall asleep.

The next day, Charles regains his consciousness. Fana walks up to him, who was very surprised to see her long hair cut short, which she purposely did because it was in the way. Charles to bring the plane over to the island to fix it. Fana wished to help out for she did not want him to overwork himself due to his wounds, to which he gladly accepted. The two spent the day quickly fixing the plane and venturing the island in the process. At one point, Fana rushes through a field of flowers and handed some to him, making him recall the time when she gave some to him in the past.

At sunset, she sings the same song she sang from before. He tells her that long ago, his mother, who worked as a servant in a manor, would sing that song to him so he could sleep. He also stated they worked at the del Moral family long ago. Fana was surprised, for her mother was the servant who took care of her at around the same time. Fana talked about how kind his mother was to her and that, at night, she would sing her that song to fall asleep when she was afraid of the dark. One day when she was singing to him, her father caught them and ordered her out of the mansion. To this day she blames herself for making her leave. She asked how she was doing, but Charles told her she died a few days after they were forced to leave. Fana regrets what she has done and starts to cry. Charles tells her that he is glad she thought of her very much. Fana did not want to go back to the capital. She does not wished to be chained because of her status and wealth and wanted to fly and be free. She asked if she can fly with him, but Charles brings her to reality and tells her he cannot due to the wish of the people. Fana gets angry, takes a bottle of alcohol and drinks most of it. She argues about what a horrible person he is for not listening to her wish. Charles tries to calm her down, and the two get into a suggestive position before separating from each other. Eventually, the two calmed down and sleep

The next day, the two prepare to take off. Fana apologies for her behavior from before. Charles tells her not to worry about it, and they should care about their final flight to the point of destination. Fana agrees, but looks disheartened. Because it was their last flight, it would mean she will never see her again after this. Charles flies away from the island, telling her that they will part after landing at their destination point this afternoon. Fana asks if he was alright with it, but he states that they should focus on getting to the point of destination safely, for they are out of the enemy’s sight just yet. Fana recalls the battle form before and asks him to teach her how to shoot a gun, for she could not fire a single bullet back them. He tells her about the safety hatch located on the gun and informs her that she can shoot when he tells her to. To his surprise, the enemy fleet was directly behind them to their left. Charles flies away, and the fleet manages to fly above him. They shower a variety of bullets at him, to which he manages to dodge. They were able to escape from the fleet, but there was one plane waiting for them from upfront. The reason it was not doing anything was it was waiting to see if he will take the challenge. Charles explains to follow this was how they used to duel each other. He also claims this was the best way to take them down instead of sending multiple planes with mediocre pilots. Charles informs them that as long as they escape from him, they will win. Charles accepts the challenge, and the duel was on

Charles begins to do various evasive maneuvers with the enemy plane still charging at him. Fana asked why he does not shoot them, to which Charles answered that he does not wish to waste any bullets until he has a surefire shot at them. Charles continues to perform various evasive maneuvers, but the pilot continues to be on his tail. Charles comes up with a plan and flies towards the ocean. He then turns over the course and flies vertically towards the sky. At the peak, he flips the course over, flying behind him. However, the pilot considers it a wrong move and quickly changes course to be directly behind him. When he was about to fire, Charles calls out Fana’s name, and she starts firing at the plane. When it was all over, the enemy pilot lost a wing but was still flying. They have won. Charles flies over to him and thanks him for the battle. The pilot thanks him back, and Charles and Fana fly to their destination.

When they landed, Fana asks if this was really what he wanted. She tells her he should go to the ship with her, to which he responded that he would not be allowed to do so. She tells him to fly her over to the mainland instead, to which he answered that he will not receive his pay. Fana asks if he was truly okay in not seeing her again, to which he does not respond. The special fleet landed near their area and a boat comes towards them. Charles stated that he could not have done this without her. Had he not been behind his back, he would have surely died. Fana thanks him as well for taking part in this dangerous mission for her. Charles tells her that she is his source of hope, now and forever.

The boat comes to the plane, and one of the man points a gun at Charles, telling him to stay away from her. The man get on the plane and hits him in the face. Fana wishes to go to his aid, but some men pinned her down and dragged her to the boat. Another man threw his reward to him. The man tells him to open the contents of the bag. He steals some of it for himself, and tells him that if he says anything about this, he will be killed. Fana tells Charles to get on the boat, which he does not do. She asks Charles to lift up his head and be proud of what he has done, but he boat leaves before she could say anymore.

At the Special Operation Fleet, Fana walks up to the main commander, asking if this was the true nature of their air force. The Admiral attempts to calm her down while glaring at the man. The man stated that he’s the type that only cares about money; therefore, they treated him as such as person and were saving her. She was easily disturbed by the reasons of his actions. The admiral sees a plane flying next to them. Fana recognizes it has Charles plane and asks that she leaves to bid him farewell. The man does not let her do that, but she walks up to the guards, asking them to move. The man states that she has no right to order them until she becomes their empress. Fana glares at him, telling him to step down. He is frightened by her aura and falls down, revealing the gold that he stole from Charles. She walks up to the guards once more, and the Admiral allows her to leave.

Fana runs outside of the fleet and runs to Charles. Charles, who was looking for her, finds her running towards him. Charles smiles and flies to the sky, performing various aerial tricks. Fana sees him and states that he was dancing in the sky. As he was performing, gold sprinkles down from the sky. Everyone on deck was cheering for his amazing performance. Of course, all the man cared about was the gold falling from the sky. Fana accepts what he has done and smiled. Charles, now satisfied that Fana has seen his performance, flies the opposite direction, leaving her. This was their goodbye, but surely a farewell that neither of them will forget.

While a simple show with a simple meaning, the way this movie executed it was quite well done. The story allows one to feel sympathetic for Charles and all of his struggles since the start of the show. While one of the various cliche twists of finding out that the two knew each other in some way, the revelation came out quite nicely and had some wonderful moments portraying the memory of it all. Surely, it is hard to be in a position where one can do great things but is not allowed to present it due to his status and race. In the end, he threw the gold away, symbolizing that he did not perform his mission for the money, but for her. The removal of the gold has the key catalyst that solidified their friendship for each other. It is a shame that while Fana brings peace in the two worlds, thus ending the war, Charles was erase from the record books, as if he did not exist. It hurts that the government and military force would do something like that to a man like him. Even so, I hope that he is somewhere out there, enjoying his life in the island that he mentioned, gaining the freedom to do what he wants. I salute him.


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