White Day

As I stated before, on Valentine’s Day, Japanese girls and women are said to give a male some chocolate as a sign of affection or obligation (friendship). Exactly one month later, on March 14, men who received these chocolate get a chance to repay the girls who have given them chocolate back. Items most commonly known to be returned to girls are cookies, white chocolate, and various accessories such as jewelry and the like. It is imperative that the male should return to them something of equal or higher value as a sign of respect. There have been instances where men have to give something worth double, and sometimes triple, of the girls and women’s effort when they gave something to the guys. So, to all the males out there, did you properly thank your lady/ladies by giving them gifts? To everyone, how was your White Day?

As for how I spent my White Day, I was basically stuck in a practice room preparing for my upcoming Piano Proficiency Exam. Apparently, in my college, those who wish to get a degree in music must pass a piano exam in order to get their degree. I have checked over the requirements for the piano exam. For non-pianist, they may look at this and think they have walked into a landmine, but, for me, I found the requirements to be a joke. Of course, it helps that I have had ten years of piano study before coming to Hunter, so I already knew how to play my scales, chords, arpeggios, and the like.

If anything, the hardest part of the requirement were finding songs to play since I had to play two contrasting pieces from two different time periods. I said selecting the songs were hard, but playing the songs was a different story. Again, it helps that I have been playing piano for ten years. Once I found the songs reaching the requirements, it was all just remembering how I played it in the past. It truly took me less than an hour, possibly thirty minutes, to replay the songs again until they were back in memory lane, and it was smooth sailing from there. Then final part of the exam was sight-reading. I am a pretty fair sight-reader, but by far I am nowhere near as good as those people who can read a score they have not seen for the first time and play it like they have played it since forever. I force myself to play slow and read the notes carefully before playing, since rushing through it is not going to do any good for me. So, I practiced some more to make sure everything is solid, wasted the remainder of my time doing personal things, and finally, it was time for my exam. When I completed everything, I was told that I passed the exam. As easy walk indeed.

After that, a club that I visit on occasion depending on the free time I had, was celebrating White Day in their own way. We had a party, but I guess one would not really consider it a party. It was more of a confectionery class and less of fooling around and doing our silly antics. The majority of the time was spent with several people making chocolates of their own in front of everyone. Yes, our room had several portable stoves. Apparently, they bought a pot specifically for melting chocolate into various shapes. I do not understand the meaning of using a specific pot when any pot would work, but it was probably something that I would not understand. In any case, the group seemed to create what I believe were chocolate truffles, the soft kind that easily melts into one’s tongue. I did not taste it, for I am not a fan of chocolate, but judging by the reactions of those around me, I assumed that they were delicious. After all, it is chocolate. Who does not like them (other than myself). That pretty much sums up my day, excluding the part where I stayed up at night to finish an English essay due on Friday and study for a History quiz for tomorrow.


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