KBM Round of 16: Group 1 Result

Reaching the Goal: Shinsuke Takasugi defeats Masaomi Kida

Two guys with the same set of ideals face each other, but each has their own way of going about what they think is right. For Masaomi Kida, all he ever wanted was a peaceful like with his friends and does not wish to have anything to do with the various gang warfare that has been happening for the past few days. He does not wish to go back to fighting anymore. However, lurking at the distance was Shinsuke Takasugi. Shinsuke believes that the city they were in was corrupted, and the only way to fix it was to destroy it and make it anew. Shinsuke starts attacking various high-class people, but when he accidentally hurts one of Kida’s friends, things start to get very messy. Having no other choice, Kida calls his gang members to take him out, but all of them were of no match to his exceptional skill. Kida decides to take him on himself; however, Shinsuke would receive the upper hand and eventually knocked Kida out. Is there anyone who is able to stop Shinsuke from his antagonistic viewing of life?


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