Recorder to Randoseru: Episode 11

Atsushi was at home watching TV. Atsumi asked him if he did his homework yet, to which he answered that he will do later. Atsumi is upset because he always states that, but never finishes it in the end. She tells him he is acting like Take-nii, and Atsushi recalls how Take-nii would reach in his situation. Atsumi tells him that because he cannot concentrate of his homework if he stays home, she suggests going to the library, it if would allow him to concentrate more. Although he was at the library, he was still having a hard time doing his homework.

Sayo, who happens to be at the library, walks up to Atsushi and greets him. Sayo asks if he was busy studying, to which he answers yea, revealing his homework. Sayo asks if he was working, to which Atsushi gives an open-ended response. Sayo takes it that he was a teacher at a children’s cram school, which is, of course, off the radar of what he truly is. Sayo states that she was busy at the moment and had to leave, but Atsushi asks her to stay a bit longer. Sayo takes it the wrong way and leaves, wondering what he meant when he said that. Apparently, Atsushi wanted her help in figuring out a question he was unable to solve.

The next day, Atsushi walks to school, sullen by the fact he was unable to answer all of the questions. Atsushi stops Hina at the distance and asked if she did all of the homework, to which she does. Atsushi wanted to see some of it, but Hina continues to tell him no. Atsushi states the only wanted to see it for the one question that he had a problem on, but Hina was still unwilling to give it to him. Atsushi continued to beg, telling her that he would only peak at it for a bit. Hina gives in and was going to give him her homework, but Atsushi disappears from her sight. Apparently, there were some men at the distance hearing their conversation. Thinking he was a pedophile, they took him away, with Atsushi all confused.


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