ISML 2012: Preliminary 2: Day 4 Fantasy/Prediction

Nothing too surprising to notate here; everyone did about as expected. Minori got a bit close to Hecate, but that is probably Hecate’s true strength given a Shakugan no Shana Final boost. Puella Magi Madoka ☆ Magica continues to garner not too much love, but that is to be expected. Mami was tripped over by Asami by a decent amount, and Kyōko gets a couple of votes more than Sayaka herself. If anything, Fear performed a bit weakly over Shirayuki. I was hoping for her to put up a better show, but I guess it was not meant to be. If Fear continues to go on like that, I may not know exactly who is going to win Nova 8. At this rate, Konoe might be the victor of it all, but only time will tell. Anyway, here are my predictions for the next set of matches:

Arena 1: Hecate should be able to take this one. Ruiko might do something to her, but I do not see it.

Arena 2: Kagami should have no problem winning her match. Her opponents are pretty weak.

Arena 3: Yui should easily take this one in the bag. Her opponents will not be able to scratch her.

Arena 4: A slightly tough call, since Yuno and Mami are equally weak. I am going for Yuno on this one.

Arena 5: Asami should have no trouble winning. I would be surprised if she does not win.

Arena 6: Inori should have no problems here. Her opponents will not be able to do anything to stop her.

Arena 7: Mikuru should easily take the victory here. I doubt her opponents can scratch her.

Arena 8: Yami should obtain the win here. Ushio is not that strong against her.

Arena 9: Last Order easily has this one. Both of her opponents are fairly weak against her.

Arena 10: Haqua should have no problem winning this one. Her opponents are nothing worth mentioning.

Arena 11: Madoka has this one. She is not that weak to have Ayase get over her.

Arena 12: Erio will win this one. One might as well give her the victory.

Arena 13: Ui should obtain the win here. Her opponents do not look that powerful to begin with.

Arena 14: Ikaros should have an easy time destroying her opponents. None should be able to do anything to her.

Arena 15: Illya has just been too strong for any of her opponents to handle her.

Arena 16: Irisviel should win here. I highly doubt she will lose given the people she is facing.

Arena 17: Kanade should have to problems here. I doubt Kyōko is that strong to begin with.

Arena 18: Kanon should be able to win here. Ohana might get close, but that would be about it.

Arena 19: Mafuyu should have the victory here. Fate can try, but I do not see it happening.

Arena 20: Kyō should be able to swiftly decimate her weak competition.

Arena 21: Holo will win this one. Again, one might as well give the victory to her.

Arena 22: Fear should be able to handle this batch with ease.

Arena 23: Shiori should have to problems winning this one. Shirayuki might make it another close victory.

Arena 24: Subaru should be able to take down her competition without a problem. Her opponents are not that compelling to begin with.


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