ISML Preliminary 2: Day 2 Results

Arena 12: Believing upon a star

All three of these girls have it tough trying to intake what was happening around them, and not all of the changes come out for the better. Take Kaname Madoka, for instance. Here was a girl who believes she can finally be someone who can do something great for the good of the people. Then, reality of what it means to be a magical girl slaps her in the face and now has to second guess if she wanted to be a magical girl or not. Sena Airi was highly against the change of the new school system. Airi wanted to keep the tradition of their school being an all-girls school and wishes to have nothing to do with the men. Ueno Kirika probably has it the worst. Forced to wear cursed items, she is granted immortality, but if she ever takes off the cursed item, she will die. Also, she has to undergo torture every night due to the curse of another weapon embedded in her. Even through all of their troubles and trauma, a certain light shines above them, and all three merely had to grasp it in order to find the hope though the mess of their lives. In the end, it was Madoka who acclaimed success in this and was able to overcome her hardships more so than her two opponents, granting her one step closer to a spot in Regular Season.

Arena 13: The Darkest Hour

One look at this group tells the whole story. Hardly any of them can call their childhood by any means full of sunshine and daises. Enma Ai was treated horribly by her villages, and it got to the point where they decided to bury her alive. Feeling betrayed by the one person whom she considered her friend, Ai took revenge and killed everyone in the village and burned the place she used to call home. She was heavily punished for her actions, thus taking the role as a messenger of the dead, what we know now as Jigoku Shoujo “Hell Girl.” The same can be said for Furude Rika. Rika appears like a child in front of everybody, yet her manner of speech and personality changes when she is alone, acting in a more mature manner. This was a girl who was trying to break the curse of her village and had to reset her own time over and over again until she can finally get the moment when she and her friends survive. Illyasviel von Einzbern used to have a peaceful childhood, but even that was snatched away from her. With the death of her mother and the abandonment of her father, Illya lived the majority of her life training magic everyday so she can exact her revenge against her father. To become the weapon for the next grail was the only thing on  her mind. Surely, there had to be some form of peace in the hearts of these girls who have already suffered enough. During this match, the one who completely decimated her opponents was Illya. While she had a smile on her face, one can argue that it was because she found peace. Other can see it as ill-intent, and it was only the beginning of her destruction.

Arena 14: Take a Cute Look

When talking about girls who have the cute factor and knows what she is doing, one can look no further than these three. Hirasawa Ui can easily be treated as a respected housewife given the opportunity to do so. Unlike her rather ditsy older sister, Ui is kinder, more understanding, and, in a sense, more mature than many of the girls her age. For Kinomoto Sakura, she is always ready to do her best, be it tackling through her schoolwork or saving her city from the various Clow Cards that distort the city one way or another. No matter what happens, she can refer to her invincible spell to give her the courage to stand up and fight through various tactics. Uiharu Kazari has always been in the background as the supportive role, helping out with various tasks during work. As soon as something bad happens to her friends, she wastes no time trying to figure out the solution to the problem, going as far as fixing the problem herself if all else fails. One can surely count of either of these three in terms of helping one out on their everyday needs. In the end, Ui would be the one most voters would want to have as their cute and reliable younger/older sister.

Arena 21: Birth by Sleep

A personal favorite of mine, since all three of the characters are my favorites. For me, it was hard to select someone to side for since each of the girls provide their own flavor to the table. Holo is considered the wise wolf for a reason, having lived for a thousand years watching over the harvest and guiding people on various tactics and other means of successful living. Kanzaki Kaori used to be a cheerful girl, but due to protecting the one she cares about, she had to be stern and strict around her. If she opens up her heart to her once more, she is afraid to relive the moments where they used to have so much fun. Mai is the silent girl who speaks with few words. Even then, there is a certain air about her that makes one wish to be by her side and help her out in one way or another. I know I would be tearing by the end of this one, but I had to see this until the end. In the end Holo, the non swordswoman, would take home the victory with pride.

Other matches:

  • Arena 1: Hecate > Kushieda Minori > Ryūgū Rena
  • Arena 2: Hiiragi Kagami > Saten Ruiko > Kuchiki Rukia
  • Arena 3: Hirasawa Yui > Lala Satalin Deviluke > Kagura
  • Arena 4: Gasai Yuno > Wendy Marvell > Morishima Haruka
  • Arena 5: Iwasawa Asami > Tomoe Mami > Kisaragi Chihaya
  • Arena 6: Yuzuriha Inori > Reki > Kaga Rin
  • Arena 7: Asahina Mikuru > Okazaki Ushio > Kuronuma Sawako
  • Arena 8: Last Order > Hanekawa Tsubasa > Isayama Yomi
  • Arena 9: Konjiki no Yami > Maria > Suiseiseki
  • Arena 10: Tōwa Erio > Akaza Akari > Shinonome Nano
  • Arena 11: Haqua du Lot Herminium > Shinomiya Ayase > Oshimizu Nako
  • Arena 15: Ikaros > Sakurano Kurimu > Shinku
  • Arena 16: Suzutsuki Kanade > Matsumae Ohana > Amami Haruka
  • Arena 17: Nakagawa Kanon > Shinonono Hōki > Anjō Naruko
  • Arena 18: Irisviel von Einzbern > Toshinō Kyōko > Miki Sayaka
  • Arena 19: Fujibayashi Kyō > Fate Testarossa > Hyūga Hinata
  • Arena 20: Shiina Mafuyu > Ryōgi Shiki > Hanato Kobato
  • Arena 22: Konoe Subaru > Amaha Miu > Hoshii Miki
  • Arena 23: Fear Kubrick > Hotogi Shirayuki > Takakura Himari
  • Arena 24: Shiomiya Shiori > Shiina Mayuri > Horizon Ariadust (P-01s)

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