ISML 2012: Preliminary 2: Day 5 Fantasy/Prediction

I was not too surprised of Sora’s victory over Misaki. Sora had a slight edge in this one, thus granting her a victory. It is a shame that in both Arena 5 and Arena 24, K-On! would overtake their Clannad counterparts, although that too was expected in the long run. A shame because the numbers were close and could have switched at any given time. Interestingly enough, Hinata came quite close to to Kyouko. Althoguh 500 may not mean anything to some, it is significant in that Kyouko should have strongly blasted her competition, for Hinata is not so strong herself. Could PMMM be dropping in support, or is there a reason for her to under-perform as such? Anyway, here are my thoughts for the fifth day of voting:

Arena 1: Elsie should have no problem winning here. Yuuko has a better chance harboring a better performance here than with Aria.

Arena 2: Misaki should have no problems winning this one. Both Sana and Poplar are not that strong in strength.

Arena 3: Aria should be able to take victory in this one. I do not think Sora is that strong to take her on yet.

Arena 4: Louise should have no problems winning this one. Fuuko will not do anything to her.

Arena 5: Nymph should be able to take this one. Sadly, Tsukasa is not having a lot of love

Arena 6: Tusmugi should have an easier time winning this batch than before.

Arena 7: Menma should have no troubles taking this one as well. Sen might give her a problem, but not too much.

Arena 8: It is now Kurisu’s turn to test out Minami’s strength, but Kurisu should still win this one as well.

Arean 9: Riko should take this one with ease. Her opponents are not much to begin with.

Arena 10: Shinobu will win this one, but I am more interested to see who will get second place. Possibly Alice.

Arena 11: Nagisa should have no problems winning this one. I would be surprised if she does lose here for some reason.

Arena 12: Kuroko should have an easy time taking out her opponents here. Both are not too dangerous for her to begin with.

Arena 13: Ayase should be the winner here. I do not think Dalian is that strong to take her down.

Arena 14: Shouko should have an easy time here. Laura has no chance given her strength now.

Arena 15: This should be another clean sweep for Yozora. The fourth round of matches should give her a more beneficial challenge.

Arena 16: Nagi should win this one with flying colors. Neither of her opponents are noteworthy in strength.

Arena 17: Index should have to problems breezing this one. Both of her opponents are quite weak.

Arena 18: Tomoyo should be the winner here. Mikan can try all she wants, but it will not do her any good.

Arena 19: Haruna should be able to win this one. Tsugumi should not be that strong just yet.

Arena 20: Mizuki should be the winner here. Hinata can try to get close, but I do not see it happening.

Arena 21: If Kyouko loses to Ika-Musume, I will be quite surprised. Still, Kyouko should have the advantage in this one.

Arena 22: Kotomi should be the victor here. Her opponents are not really that strong to begin with.

Arena 23: C.C. should have the win here. Ritsu can try, but I do not think she is there yet.

Arena 24: Konata should be able to pass this one with ease. Nanoha is not going to get a lot of love once more.


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