ISML Preliminary 2: Day 3 Results

Arena 3: Materialized Deduction

The very first instance of a challenge among the current top ranking characters can be seen here as Kanzaki H. Aria and Shionji Yūko (Alice). While both sport the “loli” characteristics placed on them, each of it establishes their role in a different light. For Aria, her job was solely nothing more that to help out her mother who was falsely charged. Thus, she will take on the toughest criminals just to reduce the jail time of the one she loves. A detective in her own right, Yuuko is interested in saving those who have steered to the wrong direction. Using technology and her own means of deduction, she will do whatever it takes to save someone before more is killed as they are getting closer to the answer. Not to be left behind is Inui Sana. While not as intellectually inclined as her other opponents, it does not take rocket science to figure out that no matter how hard one tries, one will not be able to get their lovers heart when his own love is already set. While she may admit that she lost, at least she can say that she has done a better job in handling her predicament than many other of her visual novel counterparts. In the end, however, Aria showed a major reason why she should be in Regular Season as she trampled over both of her opponents with ease.

Arena 6: From Zero to Hero

Moe through helplessness? In a way, one can state that about these three girls facing off, but a better wording of this that these girls are trying so hard to be their own identity, significant enough to be known through a crowd of people. Take Hiiragi Tsukasa’s position. This is a girl who has been over-shadowed by her well-endowed older twin sister. Both have been compared in multiple occasions, and it is natural for her to be a little jealous that she does not take up as much of a strong spotlight than her older other. Speaking of jealousy, maybe more in the lines of frustration, Louise has literally been called a Zero most of her life. For her to not be able to chant simple spells correctly, it would only be a matter of time for her to succumb through all of the pressures given not only by the students mockery, but by her prestigious family, who expected so much from her. Probably the one who has it worse out of the three is Suigintou. She was a half-completed doll literally kept to the side, for she was a prototype for the remainder of her sisters that will be created. Because she is the first, as well as her love for her father, her willingness to live was so strong that she became mobile without the help of her father. Even if she was incomplete, she wanted her father to look at her and praise her for probably everything that she has done, which was for him. These girls do not wish to be looked down anymore; thus they take a stand and make a statement in this match. In the end, it would be Louise who will show her competitors why she is a worthy candidate to be a part of Regular Season this year.

Arena 12: All is Fair in Love and War

If one were to look at this match in a larger sense, all these girls ever wanted was to gain their own sense of awareness and true satisfaction of their surroundings. Kawashima Ami: a facade walking about with her boy of interest not only to tease a certain classmate but to figure out who she herself was, for the face she present and the face she is inside are two different personalities. Kōzuki Kallen: a girl leading a double life in her own right and forced to confront between who she is as a well-respected student of her school and who she is as a fighting force against Britannia and their way of ruling the Japanese people. Shirai Kuroko: she may be an energetic an over-the-top girl, but she has her own form of justice that cannot be shattered by anyone and will implemented it with force by any means necessary. Between three girls who certainly know how to right, this brawl was going to end mostly with bruises and bumps. In turn, we find that Kuroko would remain standing after all was said and done.

Arena 24: Tuning Up the Band

The title would only work had all three members were musically talented in some way. Tainaka Ritsu surely has some musical talent as a drummer for the revival of the light music club. As for searching for more members to join her club, this energetic girl may need to find more assistance than what these two can offer. It is true that Ichinose Kotomi is highly intelligent, can read and understand difficult questions that Ritsu would not bother to look at, but in a musical sense, she needs her own sense fine-tuning. Grant her a violin, and be ready to experience ear-piercing music. We cannot really say Tsukimiya Ayu has some musical talent, if one gives her a simple rhythm instrument such as an egg shaker or a tambourine, but Ayu’s ability is through her own actions and way with words. If taken into context, she does she meaningful things to others. One just had to deduct it carefully out of her own addictive language. In the end, Ritsu would beat the two in a musical showdown, but she herself needs to be careful not to be entranced by the powers of Kotomi’s execution with the violin. Thankfully, the drums were able to zone her out of harm’s way.

Other matches:

  • Arena 1: Kasugano Sora > Ayuzawa Misaki > Astarotte Ygvar
  • Arena 2: Elucia de Lute Irma > Taneshima Poplar > Kunieda Aoi
  • Arena 4: Nymph > Lucy Heartfilia > Chii
  • Arena 5: Kotobuki Tsumugi > Ibuki Fūko > Evangeline A.K. McDowell
  • Arena 7: Honma Meiko > Yamada Aoi > Oikawa Tsurara
  • Arena 8: Makise Kurisu > Yarizui Sen > Yune
  • Arena 9: Mine Riko > Shimada Minami > Nanasaki Ai
  • Arena 10: Furukawa Nagisa > Saginomiya Isumi > Alice
  • Arena 11: Oshino Shinobu > Kotegawa Yui > Hinamori Amu
  • Arena 13: Aragaki Ayase > Minato Tomoka > Tsurugi Minko
  • Arena 14: Kirishima Shōko > Dalian > Uryū Minene
  • Arena 15: Mikazuki Yozora > Laura Bodewig > Inami Mahiru
  • Arena 16: Sakagami Tomoyo > Erza Scarlet > Kamio Misuzu
  • Arena 17: Index L. Prohibitorum > Yūki Mikan > Haibara Ai
  • Arena 18: Sanzen’in Nagi > Sōryū Asuka Langley > Yin
  • Arena 19: Sakura Kyōko > Hakamada Hinata > Ayase Chihaya
  • Arena 20: Haruna > Ika-Musume > Takahara Ayumi
  • Arena 21: Himeji Mizuki > Tsugumi > Shinonome Hakase
  • Arena 22: Izumi Konata > Chrome Dokuro > Ayanami Rei
  • Arena 23: C.C. > Takamachi Nanoha > Hoshina Utau

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