KBM Round of 16: Group 5 Results

Brilliance over Lightning

One should compare both of these characters via their personality rather than fighting method. Shota Kazehaya is very friendly and open to everyone, but there are some instances when he wishes to have things his way. Despite being selfish with his own desires, he still takes the time to understand everyone in his class and make sure that none of them get lonely. For Kakashi Hatake, friendship is the most important thing about being a ninja. Here was a man who once thought he was the best because he was naturally gifted than the rest of his team. Once a friend introduced him to a new light, he now sees things differently and wish to follow his footsteps as best as he can for the later generations to follow. Halfway through the match, Kakashi would reveal that his ideals in friendship are true. It was only until halfway that Shouta gathered enough friendship of his side to break through and take the victory over Kakashi.


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