KBM Round of 16: Group 6 Results

Jokes on the Demon

If a fight is what the fans want, it is a fight that one will get. Rin Okumura and Kaito Kid face off in what should be an interesting bout. All this time, Rin wanted to be accepted by everyone, for every time he tried to do something good, something bad immediately happens afterwards. Luck has not been really good for Rin, especially when he figures out that he is a half-demon shun by most of society. Still, he wishes to go against his destiny and face off against the one who ruined his life. Kid is also no stranger to revenge. When the first Phantom Thief disappears, Kaito takes over, finding the one who has taken the first one’s life while stealing various rare items in the process and giving it back to those who originally own it or throw it away in a river. When this fight started, both sides show their skill and fighting powers. In the end, Kid would be the victor after Rin fell into one of his final traps.


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