Another: Episode 11

Teshigawara asks Kouichi and Mei if both knew of Kazami, to which both of them know because he is the class officer. Teshigawara gets scared. He states that Kazami was acting weird lately because he was unable to remember the times when the two of them were playing and doing silly things during elementary school. Because he was unable to recall, Teshigawara thinks that he was the another, and the two began to fight. Teshigawara knocks over Kazami off the balcony and fell, his head bleeding out of his skull. Teshigawara thinks he may have killed him. If he were the another, then no one would be able to remember if he killed him. Because Kouichi and Mei still remember, Teshigawara made a big mistake and killed an innocent bystander. Kouichi states that while he may be wrong, there is still a chance that be might be still alive since people can still survive after a two story fall. Teshigawara looks out the window to see if they could see his body from here, but he cannot. Kouichi states that they should first check Kazami’s condition to see if he is okay.

The three of them walk downstairs and was about to walk outside when Kouichi sees an open door. While Teshigawara and Mei check Kazami’s condition, Kouichi walks up to the open door. Before he enters, someone grabs his leg from below. Apparently, Maejima, who was one the ground, was stabbed in the back. Maejima stated that he looked at the dining hall and found the manager there. Kouichi looks inside the dining hall himself and finds that the hall was set ablaze with the manager killed. Izumi walks downstairs, asking what was going on. Kouichi tells her, Teshigawaru, and Mei, who returned to the mansion, that they should all get out of here because it was not safe to stay here anymore. Izumi pushes the fire alarm, which did not ring, while Teshigawara and Kouichi try to tend Maejima. Kouichi asks Teshigawara if they found Kazami, but his body was not found. A girl screamed from the second floor. Kouichi, Mei, and Izumi rush to the second floor while Teshigawara tends Maejima.

The scream came from Izumi and Takako’s room, the door splattered with blood. Kouichi opened the door. No one was inside; they could only find a bed, cut and filled with blood. Yuuya confronts with the group, wondering what was going on. Kouichi asks if he had seen Kazami or Takako. Yuuya responds that he has seen Kazami covered in mud and enraged after his confrontation with Teshigawara. So, Yuuya had no choice but to explain it to him by letting him listen to the tape. Kouichi and Yuuya had back to Yuuya’s room, but the tape recorder was gone. Teshigawara asks if they knew were Kazami was currently, to which neither of them knew. Yuuya wondered what was happening, and Kouichi stated that the first had to get everyone out of the mansion before something worse happens.

Teshigawara informs Yuuya about what was going on and was very confused as to what was happening. Yuuya states that they should tell Ms. Mikami about the situation first before doing anything. Both enter her room, but she was nowhere to be found. They see a trail of blood not too far from her doorway. Teshigawara asks if they should go outside contact the police first, but Yuuya still insisted that they talk to the teacher first. Both of them follow the trail of blood to another room. Yuuya opens the door, only to find the manager’s wife with a hatchet covered in blood. The wife attacked Teshigawara and missed. Yuuya pushed her away, and the hatchet fell, cutting a tendon in his leg. Yuuya states that they should escape, but Teshigawara is unable to move due to the cut.

Meanwhile, Kouichi, Mei, and Izumi continue to contact everyone before Takako walked up to them, covered in blood. Izumi asks what happened to her, to which Takako was glad that Izumi was alive, since she could not live without her. Takako reveals a sharp metal rod, pushes Izumi to the side, and was about to attack Mei, but Kouichi pushed her to the side. Takako knees him in the groin, but Kouichi manages to take the weapon away from her while protecting Mei. Takako leaves, and Kouichi asks why she knew about what was on the tape. Izumi states that Yumi told her about the tape before the trip began. As head of the countermeasures, she had to listen to it, thus had Yuuya play it for her. Kouichi asks why she targeted Mei. Izumi stated that Takako was emotionally unstable ever since the beach event.

Izumi states that she is going to search for Takako, but there was no need since she was speaking through a P.A. system in the control room. Before, Izumi and Takako talk to each other about Mei. Izumi states that there was once a girl who looked just like her in the past. Takako disagrees because the address was not coherent with the school she went to and believed that Mei was an only child. When Izumi asked if the girl in the past wore an eyepatch in her left eye, Takako answered no. Izumi states that the Mei she knew had an eyepatch ever since she was four. Takako then stole the radio from Yuuya’s room and played the tape for everyone to hear. Takako believes that Mei is the dead person because she has been reborn into this world, but came out incomplete. Therefore, she believes that Mei had to be the another. She orders everyone to kill her.

Kouichi states that her words were not true, but it was too late. Everyone slowly lef their rooms, their sight only on Mei. Slowly, they approached her, but Ms. Mikami tells them that this was all wrong, and they should not kill their own peer. One of them still wishes to kill her, and swings a broom at Mei, but Ms. Mikami takes the hit and falls down unconscious. Kouichi gets angry and pushes him away. He was about to fight with those who want to kill Mei, but Mei grabs hold of him, signaling him not to fight. Kouichi calms down, and the two of them run. Yumi and a few students went after them, but Kouichi passes them and lock themselves inside a room. The two try to sneak out of the window, but the students break the door open and go after them. Yumi, with a razor, looks outside, finds them, and was about to attack Mei, but Kouichi saves her just in time. Yumi slips off the windowsill and breaks her neck.

Meanwhile, two boys were wondering what was going on. One of them smelled something burning. The other opened the dining hall door, only to be caught in a backdraft and burned to death. Kouichi and Mei, who were underground, wondered what was happening above them. Takako comes up from behind them and stabs Kouichi in the arm. She steps on a wounded Kouichi and charges after Mei. As she was doing this, Takako gets caught in some wires. The floor panel with the wires lift up, and Takako was hung by the neck, dying by failing to struggle to break free. Izumi sees the aftermath of their confrontation and sees Mei holding the weapon. She immediately assumed Mei was the one who killed Takako and vowed to kill her. Mei wondered if killing the another will truly end this madness. Having no other choice, Mei runs away from them, most likely going after the another before the pathway to her was blocked. Kouichi was unable to follow her.


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