Aquarion Evol: Episode 12

We first see Jin trying to figure out how to eat a hot dog. Before he eats it, Sazanka appears before him, showing him some pictures of some of the girls in Neo-Denva. Jin wishes to take most of the pictures and was about to pay some money, but Sazanka wishes to have some of his pictures taken in return. Jin was not interested in the idea, but Sazanka wishes for him to do so. Two girls stated that they take a picture of him as he was eating, to Sazanka’s delight. As Jin was forced to have his picture taken in an odd manner, Yunoha, from afar, is glad that he is starting to open up to others, but one cannot really say that he has opened up to them just yet.

At the rooftop, Amata tells Andy about what happened to them, and Andy is not amused that nothing happened. Instead, Andy will take this to his own measures, taking advantage of the event that will happen tomorrow. Later that day, Sumoi talks about the festival tomorrow that celebrates the school’s twelfth anniversary. Andy throws Mikono a ball of paper, asking for her to come to the boy’s dorm so they can talk about what they should do for the festival. Zessica wonders what was going on, and Amata invites her to come as well, much to Mikono’s dismay. Clearly, that was not part of Andy’s plan to get the two together more, but Amata is a bit clueless when it comes to situations like these.

Later that day, Jin was about to sleep when Andy tells him to help set up for the pajama party, despite telling Amata that it was a group gathering for the festival. Andy states that Jin should take advantage of getting to know the girls such that he would understand how it feels to be in a Union. Of course, Jin, who was born into a world deprived of women, was highly interested in this matter. Meanwhile, Mikono and Zessica were crawling into a hole Andy made for them to go to their dorms. Zessica is easily scared of the darkness and screamed when Yunoha appeared in front of them, who also wished to go to the boy’s dorm as well. At the same time, Cayenne was still concerned about Jin and what he possibly plans on doing in the future. Sharde walks up to him, telling him that Jin harbors some darkness in his heart, much like Cayenne. As they were talking, Mikono, Zessica, and Yunoha appeared from a hole not too far away from them. The three were caught red-handed.

Zessica, Mikono, and Yunoha enters their room. Andy immediately welcomes them with open arms, but stops when Cayenne and Sharde enter as well with Cayenne stating that he is crashing this party. Amata states that they will not do anything weird and will only talk about what they should do for the upcoming event tomorrow. As they were trying to defend their positions, Zessica explores the boy’s room, trying to find any dirty things that they might have here. Zessica reveals a picture of Alicia, the woman who played Sylvie in Skies of Aquaria. Amata states that he is a fan of her, and Yunoha reveals that Jin is also a fan of hers as well. Yunoha asks if he could show the device that plays Alicia’s music to them. Having no other choice, he shows it to them, much to their amazement. Andy comes up with an idea, stating that they should show the Skies of Aquaria film to everyone for their anniversary, which gained Yunoha’s support.

On the day of the anniversary, it would be announced that they will show the movie as their main event of the event. Mix assumed they had permission to do this, which Andy states that they did. Andy asks if she wanted to watch the movie with him, to which she quickly answered no. Donar wonders if this was a good idea, but Crea states that they should relax once in a while. As they were preparing for the event, Jin attempts to call the people form Altair to report to them about something, but no one responded. Instead, he sends out a message, stating that he has found a possible True Eva and will bring her with him along with one of the vectors of Aquarion. Yunoha wondered what he was doing after hearing his conversation. Since the matter was very private, Jin was worried that she overheard his conversation and walked up to her. Yunoha walks away after Zessica wanted her help. Jin chases after her, but rips the doll in the process. Dropping the doll, Yunoha runs away, much to Jin’s dismay.

Meanwhile, Amata and Mikono were at a platform, setting up the large projector for the film. Mikono states that had she not been watching Skies of Aquaria on that day, she would have never met Amata. Amata apologies for getting her into this mess, but Mikono states that she did this on her own accord. Mikoto recalls a line Alicia stated: that people can fly above their destiny. Amata states that his mother did the same thing and also abandoned him at the time. He reveals that Alicia was his mother, thus the reason he had a picture of her. He felt that his mother did not want him, but Mikono disagreed, stating that she felt that way in the past. Mikono states that everyone has at least someone who cares about them. Amata thanks her and asks if she wanted to watch the movie with him. He will find a spot where no one will bother them with his wings above their destiny, an interesting, but cliche pick-up line. Zessica watches their relationship from afar. Depressed, her powers leak from her body, and a pole was shaped into a heart.

Meanwhile, Jin was sewing the doll’s arm back to its body. His actions were watched by Mikage. Mikage appears before Izumo, who was obviously angry about the actions he had caused previously. Mikage ignores his anger and states that Jin was slowly going into the realm of love. At around sunset, Jin returns the doll to Yunoha, stating that he was sorry for his previous actions. Yunoha tells Jin that it is normal to keep secrets and that she did not hear his conversation earlier. Yunoha asks if he wanted to see the movie with her since she has not seen the movie before. Jin agreed, and the two left before accidentally touching each others hands. Yunoha goes away with the doll, and Jin wonders if what just happened to him was considered a Union. Later that night, Jin prepares for his meet-up with Yunoha, but his device disappears from the table. Yunoha, who arrives to the stop early, found Jin’s device with a number to petals. This is most notably the work of Mikage. Yunoha picks it up and listened to it as Izumo tells Jin that Kagura is on his way to Vega, and he should bring the vector and True Eva during this time. Someone was coming this way, and Yunoha instinctively puts the device in her pocket. Jin enters, wondering what was wrong.

The show was about to start soon. First, Sharde was to play an opening piece before the movie begins. Once the piece was over, the movie started. As the movie progressed, Amata slowly reached out his hand and grabbed Mikono’s hands until the two hands clasped with each other. Amata flies, picking Mikono up with him, and the two were surrounded in an aura of love. Shushu tried to knock some sense into both of them, but it was not working. The two were that in love with each other. This touching moment hand to close, for the warning appeared that Abductors were coming. Sure enough, Kagura appears from a warpgate and lands on the school, destroying the Berlin Wall even more. Talk about a big way to crash a party. Amata loses his sense of flight and falls to a tree with Mikono. As Kagura was busy trying to find Mikono, Jin grabs Yunoha’s hand, asking her to come with him.


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