Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai: Episode 11

In a dream, Miu slowly comes over to Sora. Miu slowly takes her clothes off, commenting on her skin and beauty. Before Sora was able to realize what was happening, she finds herself in a new attire. Apparently, Miu was taking Sora to her honeymoon. She brings her to a door where Yuuta was waiting for her inside a fancy room with fancy clothing. Yuuta tells her that he has been saving money for this, revealing to her a ring. Sora gladly wears it in her ring finger. The two slowly get close to each other, their lips about to lock. Soon, Sora awakes from the dream, finding herself clinging to him and nearly kissing to him. While it was a dream sequence, she is still very fond of it.

One day, Sora was out shopping for groceries with Raika. Sora notices her shapely body and wished to have that kind of form. The shopkeeper asks where Hina was, wanting to give some extra things to her. Sora takes the extra items in her stead and promises to give it to Hina. Apparently, many of the shopkeepers were questioning why Hina was not by her side. Raika was impressed by Hina’s popularity in the shopping district. Sora asks her who Yuuta was doing, to which she responded that he was always looking tired, not to Sora’s surprise. However, Raika states that Yuuta is happy as a father, for he enjoys the feeling of coming home with the three of them waiting for him. Raika states she wanted to be a mother since she finds all three of his nieces cute. The next day, Sora dreams about having a similar physique like Raika while living with Yuuta as his wife. Of course, the dream ends when her teacher snaps her back to reality, and she finds herself inside the classroom.

That night, Miu claims to have the same thing happen to her as well. Clearly, the two were not faring well in regards to figuring out how to manage their schedule with all that has happened to them. Yuuta comes back home and asks if Hina wanted to take a bath with him. As she was searching for some clothes and towels, he finds the room a complete mess, much to the three of their faults since school was piling work onto them. While he says it means they were managing, clearly they were not. With the environment that they are currently in, I am still surprised that the three can remain sane after all that happened. Something has to give, and it will only be a matter of time before another calamity hits them hard in the face.

In another dream segment, Sora meets Yuri and Shingo, claiming she brought her husband with her, but Yuuta was not there. Yuri tells her Yuuta forgot something and needed her help to find it. Sora wakes up and looks through one of Yuuta’s notebooks. Inside was a postcard about the construction of Yuri and Shingo’s graves and how they should take some time to visit them. However, with the three of them busy with their lives, none were able to find the time to settle down and relax to see them.

Later that morning, Yuuta asks how school was for her, to which she said everything was alright. Yuuta asks about her club, to which she states it was good. Of course, she cannot say that she rarely goes to club; otherwise, it would worry him even more. Yuuta finds Miu leaning against the wall, not cleaning the table like she was supposed to. Yuuta attempted to figure out why she was tired, to which she had to answer yes to. Again, Miu cannot admit that she stress for living her life like this was starting to get to her, for it would only heighten his worry for them. The two care very much for Yuuta, but it is a shame that he is unable to get these signals due to their acting. Even Hina was not acting like herself, sleeping more than usual. At the station, Miu and Sora were clearly tired. Hina states that they had to bare with this for a bot longer. Eventually, they will come out of this well somehow. However, it will be that kind of mindset that would bring them to their downfall. Call it optimism, but I see it that they are dodging reality right under their noses.

Yuuta is seen outside of his school. Raika asks why he was not in lecture today, to which he said he was late and did not wish to bother anyone. Raika asks about coming to the club, and while Yuuta wished to go, he actually wanted to go home since he pulled long night at work. Yuuta wanted to be with her, and Raika allows his wish to come true by allowing him to touch her hand. Yuuta heads home, but finds the house completely clean with no one inside. Yuuta wondered what happened, and his aunt appeared from behind him. Meanwhile, Sora experienced another dream during PE class with her and Yuuta driving to a door where their happiness was: to be together with Miu and Hina. After PE, Sora gets a call while changing in the locker room. Apparently, Hina had a fever, but they were unable to contact Yuuta’s cellphone. Miu and Sora immediately rush to the day-care center to pick her up. Both stated that they should not say anything about this to Yuuta. However, as they come home, they see that the light in their room was opened. The two walk the second floor to find Yuuta as well as his aunt with him. His aunt immediately notes Hina’s condition and starts to take care of him. After taking care of Hina, his aunt leaves, telling Yuuta to think about their conversation and respond to the letter. After her departure, Yuuta leaves to go to work, stating that while he really wanted to be with Hina, he is unable to since he had to support the three of them somehow. Yuuta was starting to break down.

Sora attains another dream where she and Yuuta were driving somewhere, but Yuuta disappears and she is driven off a cliff. Sora was staying up at night, waiting for Yuuta to show up. Once he does. Yuuta invites her out. Yuuta talks about the time when he and his aunt were taking. His aunt was the one who cleaned up his room. She scolded him for not doing a proper job at both his schoolwork and taking care of the children. Yuuta states that he is doing the latter, but his aunt reveals an advisement talking about a musical held at Hina’s day care center. He should have at least read through it before, but it appears that this was the first time he read it properly. She also states that Hina was not going to her club and Miu was often visiting the nurses office. As a parent, he should have noticed that they were putting up a facade in order for him not to worry about them. When Yuuta realizes this and recalls the signs that were revealed to him that morning, he is ashamed of himself. Not only did he made a terrible mistake, he probably made the worst one that could have jeopardized the whole family as a parent. Yuuta tells Sora that he was sorry, and he will try to find the best possible way to make all three of them happy. Despite saying all of that, Sora can only remember what his aunt said about the letter.

The next day, Yuuta want off to school while the girls were having a day off. Miu walks Hina around outside while Sora stayed home. Sora was still worried about the letter his aunt mentioned. As she was loafing around, Sora spots another notebook. Inside was the letter that his aunt mentioned. Sora read through it. His uncle waned to apologize to them from before for his harsh words and actions. After some consideration, his uncle, while talking to the rest of the family members, state that he will take all three of the girls in his care. It would be beneficial for the girls, since not only will they be together, but they will have an easier time going to school. Also, Yuuta can focus more on his schoolwork and expenses for himself without having to care for three girls in the process. However, after living with him for a number of months, can either Yuuta or the three girls do that?

Later that day, Yuuta, Sora, and Miu celebrated for the recovery of Hina. Hina states that she recovered this quickly thanks to the rabbit. She stated that she had to be well for her performance tomorrow such that their parents can see her perform well. Of course, this was a bombshell topic for the three of them. Again, Hina does not know that Yuri and Shingo are not in this world. Moreso, they were unable to figure out how to tell her that they were not in this world. Her overall happiness of waiting for her parents to come to her recital pains the three of them, and the song she sings only made things worse.


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