Recorder To Randoseru: Episode 12

Moriyama-sensei tells the class that they will be going over safety traffic rules with a volunteer. The volunteers in mention were several female police officers. Atsushi attempts to be as polite as possible with them just like the rest of the children were. He walks up to one of the police officers, but is mistaken to be an adult for obvious reasons. Atsushi does everything that he was supposed to do, but the female officer believes that he is not a student like the rest of them. Although Atsushi is well-behaved and does what she shoul do, the actions were taken as him hitting of the police officer, making her run away.

The next day, Atsushi and Hina walk back home. Some adults were staring at them, talking about him and his suspicious actions from yesterday. Atsushi misunderstood this as them finally knowing who he is (sadly, for the wrong reasons) and tells Hina it is safe for them to play with each other. As soon as they held hands, a woman claims that he is abducting achild and the police immediately go after him. Later, the same volunteer police women were taking detailed notes of the scene of the crime. Atsushi does everything he can to defend himself, but it only made his case worse. Later that day, Moriyama-sensei prepares to leave the school office room while carrying information stating Atsushi’s innocence. This is saddening because she apparently does this every time Atsushi is caught by the police. It is almost as if the police, as well as some townsfolk, have short term memory loss and cannot remember that Atsushi is a elementary school student like them. Will he ever play with Hina without any disturbance? Only time will tell.


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