ISML Preliminary 2: Day 6 Results

Arena 1: Power Struggle

In a sense, these girls have been living under the impression that they are to perform their duties and nothing more. But, what happens when one explores the world beyond that? That is what these three girls have always wanted. Hecate was born such that she will eventually be sacrificed for her lord. Before this, she needs memories and feelings that she cannot express, thus creating a near-splitting image of herself entering the lives of human beings. While it was her mission to gather these experiences for the greater plan, the memories themselves felt so real that she sometimes wavers from that duty. The same can be said for Kuchiki Rukia. Adopted to a prestigious family, Rukia has been taught to perform things perfectly without any mistakes. However, when she enters the human world, her personality changes for the better, showing a sign of friendliness while developing feelings she has never experienced before. While a crime from her world, she accepted it fully, not wanting any of her friends in Earth to worry about her. She Lala Satalin Deviluke is the daughter of the ruler of the world, she does not enjoy her life as one, thus leaving to Earth to follow her own life. Because she does not wish to marry any of the suitors her father wants her to, she decides to falsely marry a random earthling. However, living with him and interacting with various other girls has shed a new light into her live and allows her to enjoy the freedom she would never have before. Breaking free from their royal lineage is not easy, yet these girls continue to try to do so. In the end, it was Hecate who was able to break forth and create her own path to the life she wanted.

Arena 13: Walking to Heaven’s Door

Having some form of power is one thing. Knowing how to use it efficiently is another. For Enma Ai, who has been living for 400 years concealing her emotions and shipping people to hell, would eventually not want to perform this task anymore and fight for her freedom. However, going against the God of Hell is by no means an easy task as well as negating their contract would make her disappear for good. Ikaros has once a feared angel who was able to destroy cities in a matter of seconds. Because she does not wish to use her powers for evil, Ikaros’s memories were sealed and she falls to Earth to forget about her life as a weapon of destruction. Kinomoto Sakura was granted the power to turn supernatural things back into cards, but is uneasy with her powers at first, for she was merely a grade schooler. Still, when push comes to shove and her friends and family are involved in the events, Sakura has no choice but to fight against these creatures. To use one’s power for the greater good, that is what they were trying to accomplish. Ikaros is shown to perform this to the best to her ability, thus the reason for her victory.

Arena 20: True Light

One can deny their feelings as much as they want, but it will only be a matter of time before they soften up and express their feelings to those whom they love. In Fujibayashi Kyō’s place, Kyou has always been seen as a strong-willed girl who would not let anything phase her. But then it comes to things dealing with love, especially her own, she starts to get insecure about her own feelings. Sure, she wanted to be with him and get to know him more and longer, but there are others whom she believes are more deserving of his love than she is. For Kawasumi Mai, when her very first friend left her, she is scared and pleads him to come back to her, yet he cannot for various reasons. For that she will continue to wait, no matter how many years it takes, for him to return. When he does, the various emotions as she was with him in the past will slowly return and bring about a few face that one has rarely seen from her before. Ryōgi Shiki has been struggling with which feelings she should follow. She understands that she harbors two spirits inside her, each with contrasting personalities, but when it comes to dealing with a student who wishes to get to know her more, she is confused about how she should treat him and what she should do with what is inside her. If they cannot be true to themselves, they might as well release their frustration on what to do in this heavy-hitting bout. In the end, Kyou would be the one standing victories while finally figuring out what exactly she should so for him and for herself.

Other matches:

  • Arena 2: Hiiragi Kagami > Kushieda Minori > Kagura
  • Arena 3: Hirasawa Yui > Saten Ruiko > Ryūgū Rena
  • Arena 4: Gasai Yuno > Reki > Kisaragi Chihaya
  • Arena 5: Iwasawa Asami > Wendy Marvell > Kaga Rin
  • Arena 6: Yuzuriha Inori > Tomoe Mami > Morishima Haruka
  • Arena 7: Asahina Mikuru > Maria > Isayama Yomi
  • Arena 8: Konjiki no Yami > Hanekawa Tsubasa > Kuronuma Sawako
  • Arena 9: Last Order > Okazaki Ushio > Suiseiseki
  • Arena 10: Kaname Madoka > Akaza Akari > Oshimizu Nako
  • Arena 11: Haqua du Lot Herminium > Ueno Kirika > Shinonome Nano
  • Arena 12: Tōwa Erio > Shinomiya Ayase > Sena Airi
  • Arena 14: Hirasawa Ui > Furude Rika > Shinku
  • Arena 15: Illyasviel von Einzbern  > Sakurano Kurimu > Uiharu Kazari
  • Arena 16: Nakagawa Kanon > Toshinō Kyōko > Amami Haruka
  • Arena 17: Irisviel von Einzbern > Matsumae Ohana > Anjō Naruko
  • Arena 18: Suzutsuki Kanade > Shinonono Hōki > Miki Sayaka
  • Arena 19: Holo > Fate Testarossa > Hanato Kobato
  • Arena 21: Shiina Mafuyu > Kanzaki Kaori > Hyūga Hinata
  • Arena 22: Shiomiya Shiori > Amaha Miu > Takakura Himari
  • Arena 23: Fear Kubrick > Shiina Mayuri > Hoshii Miki
  • Arena 24: Konoe Subaru > Hotogi Shirayuki > Horizon Ariadust (P-01s)

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