Sora No Otoshimono: Tokeijikake No Angeloid

A certain girl lives in a calm neighborhood that she loves very deeply. She is always seen helping out in the vegetable gardens grown well by a local. Everyday as she works in the fields, a certain high school student would always pass by her direction. The person’s name was Sakurai Tomoki, the boy whom she fell in love with at first sight. She would always hide away from because she does not want him to see her in dirty clothes. While Tomoki never notices her, she has always has her sights on him but never gained the courage to tell him her feelings or asked him out. Usually, his coming was her alarm clock to get ready to school herself. This was Hiyori Kazane; this is her story from her eyes.

The story starts off with a recap of what has happened in the first two season of Sora no Otoshimono in Hiyori’s point-of-view. Hiyori ha first taken interest in Tomoki ever since he praised her crops during a home economics class. Hiyori would always see him having fun in his own way, but never has the courage to go up to him to converse with him. Hiyori would usually be around to see the pinnacle turn of events in Tomoki’s life, such as the arrival of Ikaros and Nymph, the yearly summer festival that they visit each year, and the school festival during the battle between their school and their rivaling aristocratic and richer school. In several instances, she interacts with Mikako, who already knew she had feelings for Tomoki, and Eishirou, who is very enthusiastic about telling miscellaneous information to someone who would actually stay and listen to him. At one point, she interacts with Astrea, whom Hiyori offers some vegetables since she was hungry. During another home economics class, she wanted to give some cookies to Tomoki, but was too shy to do so. Instead, she offers Ikaros and Astrea some of it, to whihc Astrea ate most of it. When Tomoki came to try some, he found that there was none left. Although Hiyori apologizes, he states he does not mind it and will try it another time. The smile he gave to Hiyori penetrated her heart greatly.

One summer day, Hiyori happened to bump into Ikaros and Sohara, who were out shopping. The three of them conversed with each other, with Sohara stating that she had always wanted to talk to her like this. Hiyori states that she saw them at the riverbank before, and Sohara told her that she should have come and joined them. Although she may not be a member of their club, Tomoki would not mind inviting her, for that was the type of person that Tomoki was. Hiyori comes to the conclusion that if she joins the club, she would be able to see him everyday. One day, she enters their clubroom, asking if she can join. Sohara asks if she truly wanted to do that, but Mikako stated that it would be highly beneficial if she joined. Eishirou was concerned as to why she wanted to join, but was easily distracted when Mikako states that if more people joined, their budget would increase. Tomoki attempts to leave, but Mikako also states that with more people, attendance is stricter, thus he was unable to be a ghost member.

Hiyori is invited to Tomoki’s house as everyone keeps her company while Eishirou explains what their club was about. Tomoki is easily annoyed by this since they were using his house to do their own things without his permission again. Tomoki comes up with a plan that will make her not want to be a part of their club, thus allowing him to freely attend to club meetings whenever he wants to. Tomoki brings her over to his room and starts testing how far she will go in order to be a part of their club. Tomoki forces her to smell some panties in order to join the club. Because she is pure, he knows that she will not be able to do it, yet she does so nonetheless. Tomoki was surprised and takes her outside, not giving up on making her leave the club just yet. What he does not know is that she enjoys the interactions she is currently having with Tomoki and is having fun doing things with him.

Tomoki continues to make her do various perverted things, all which she does without a second thought, all to be with Tomoki. Tomoki is forced to use is last resort. He goes to a sushi bar and a white panties sushi was delivered to him. He forces her to eat one of them, and just when it looked like she was going to, Tomoki quickly snatches it and eats it himself. Everyone was directly behind him, watching exactly what he was doing. Tomoki tried to leave, but it was all for the naught as Eishirou, Mikako, and Sohara brutally destroyed him and embarrasses him by turning him into a piece of sushi. While everyone else ignores him, Hiyori was the only one who got him out of the situation and took care of him. Tomoki walks her home, ashamed of what he has done. He asks her why she wanted to join the club, but she cannot say it was to see him for obvious reasons. Instead, Hiyori brings him to her favorite spot in the town, which happens to be his favorites spot as well. Both of them state that they love the city particularly because of this spot. Tomoki recalls a particular moment in the past to which the two may have meet before.

Ever since that day, Hiyori visits the club everyday, interacting with the various events that the clubs partake in. Clearly, she was enjoying herself very much. One day, she meets Ikaros to talk about growing watermelons. As they were walking, they spot some construction at a large field. Hiyori was sad that the town was changing. Although it was for the better, she wishes for the city to stay as it is. At a cafe, the two talk about how to properly grow watermelon, and Hiyori enjoyed interacting with Ikaros this way. Meanwhile, Sohara, Nymph, and Astrea were looking at some photos that they took from their various experiences. While looking through all of them, Sohara comes across a picture of Tomoki and Hiyori embarrassed. The three wonder if the two were lovers or not, but Nymph questions why someone like her would fall in love with him. Mikako, who happens to hear their conversation, states that it could be that he was blackmailing her to be his girlfriend, something that all three of them can see him doing. Of course, that was just Mikako adding oil to start a fire.

While Hiyori was tending the fields again, she spots Ikaros and Tomoki walking this way and hides. The two were talking about dinner when Nymph, Sohara, and Astrea asks for the pictures that Tomoki took of her. The three state their evidence for the reasons they believe Tomoki was forcing Hiyori to go out with him, but Tomoki defends himself, telling them they had it all wrong. Hiyori overhears this and wondered what to do. When Nymph asks if Tomoki an Hiyori were dating, Hiyori makes herself known, which surprised all of them. Hiyori tells them that they were not dating, but now that she showed everyone her with her dirty clothes, she is afraid that Tomoki would hate her. Instead, Tomoki compliments on her dedication to grow such fine vegetables. As he was talking, Hiyori was very surprised by his response and tells him, in front of everyone, that she loves him. She tells him that she will give him until tomorrow evening, at the place where they have met before. She leaves, dropping the bell ornament on her hair.

The nexy day, Tomoki thinks that what just happened was a dream and orders Ikaros to hit him. Sadly, the confession was a legitimate event, and Tomoki decides to go out and think about what he should do. Nymph tells Ikaros that a relationship between him and Hiyori was pointless and that she should have known that already. Meanwhile, Eishirou was at the Synapse, telling Daedalus, the creator of Ikaros, Nymph, and Astrea, that were was a girl in Earth that looked strikingly similar to one of the angels he saw sleeping in a pod. Daedalus was unable to answer him, so Eishirou decides to search for the answer himself. Hiyori was on her way to the spot where she mentioned before, but as she does there, she gets hit by a truck. Nymph was shocked, stating that the Hiyori on earth as died and that the erasing of all memories about her has started. Everyone starts to be affected by this. Eishirou quickly runs to one of the Synapse building in order to retain his memories. He enters one of them and sees Hiyori’s angelic form inside a pod. However, he is unable to recall who she is. Two harpies were about to fight against him, but the ruler of Synapse states that they have been in their hands the entire time.

Tomoki is at the spot Hiyori told him about. Nymph and Ikaros walked up to him with Nymph stating that they are to meet again tomorrow. Tomoki decides to go home to rest. Ikaros asks why Nymph lied, but she responded that it was for his own sake. That night, Ikaros stated that maybe they should tell him the truth. Nymph, feeling a bit guilty about her actions, decides to make him happy to make up for her lie. While Tomoki was sleeping, Nymph sneaked inside his futon, much to his surprise. Nymph asked if she can stay like this, to which Tomoki told her to do what she wants. Nymph asks if he wanted to make an imprint on her, to which Tomoki still does not want to, for he wishes for her and Astrea to roam free by themselves without having to be bound into a contract. Tomoki’s head start to hurt; the memory erasing was starting. Soon, he will forgot everything about Hiyori.

The next day, Tomoki asked about the whereabouts of Hiyori, but everyone seemed to have forgotten who she is. Only Tomoki holds the memories that he had with Hiyori. Sohara reveals the photo album to them, but Hiyori had disappeared from all of their pictures. Concerned, Tomoki heads outside, wanting to find out where she was. Tomoki searches for various places to where Hiyori could be, but she was nowhere to be found. Tomoki meets up with Astrea, who accidentally slips the information about Hiyori to him. Tomoki heads home with Ikaros and Nymph in sad faces. Tomoki makes them tell him what was going on, and Nymph states that the reality that he is seeing right now is not real. This causes a major shock for him, and he faints.

Nymph, Ikaros, and Astrea gathered at his room, wondering what to do next. Ikaros wondered why his memory was not affected. Nymph does not know, but if he keeps up, he will eventually break down from it and possibly lose his life. Suddenly, Nymph sensed that something dangerous was coming their way, and the three fly to the direction of the source. A capsule falls from the sky, and Hiyori appears out of it. She was glad that she was able to return to the city that she loves, but the capsule captures her and transforms into a machine, turning her into an angeloid against her will. She is now under the control of the ruler of Synapse, and she orders her to destroy everything in her path. Hiyori, under his control, uses her magic to distort several parts of the city of Sorami.

Ikaros, Nymph, and Astrea did not want to fight against her because she was their friend, but Nymph states that the only way to stop her was to defeat her, since she is unable to listen to them. Nymph attempts to attack her, but Ikaros stops her, saying that Tomoki will be sad if she does that. Nymph pushes her aside and prepares to fire at her, just like the ruler of Synapse wanted. However, before she was able to fire, Tomoki walks up to her just in time for her to stop firing. The ruler of Synapse was easily angered and orders Hiyori to destroy him. Astrea uses her shield to block the attack, and Eishirou tells Tomoki to follow him.

Nymph, Ikaros, and Astrea try to figure out a way to snap her back to reality. Astrea suggest breaking the machine controlling her, and Nymph states they should distract her while she hacks into her system long enough to ind out where her weak point was. The three go after Hiyori, and when Nymph was in position to hack her, Hiyori counter-hacks her system, and Nymphs ability backfires. Astrea tries to save her, but fails, and Nymph was dealt with a powerful blow. Nymph tries another plan using a long-range hacking system. Ikaros fires missiles at her, and when Hiyori defended herself, Astrea took the advantage and attacked the weak point, destroying the machine. Although the machine was destroyed, she was still in her angeloid form. A self-destruct bomb was activated as soon as the machine disappeared. If she were to self-destruct, she and the space near it will immediately disappear. Ikaros did not want any of that and flies towards Hiyori, creating a barrier around here. While this allows the amount of space distorted to be minimized, Ikaros was inside the barrier as well, wanting to disappear along with Hiyori, for she cannot live in a world without her.

Tomoki, from the sky, calls out her name and falls to her. Ikaros quickly catches him and activates a stronger barrier around them. Tomoki tells Ikaros not to give up on the last minute and that he will try to find a way to save the two of them. Tomoki tells Hiyori that while their city was a mess, her favorite spot remained intact. Tomoki returns the hair ornament to her and places it back in her hair, stating that it looked good on her. Hiyori recalled the time when she was with Tomoki when he said the exact same words to her. when Hiyori was crying, Tomoki searched through the ground to find her hair ornament. Tomoki eventually finds it and gives it to her, stating that it looked good on her. Tomoki introduced her to the spot that she will eventually treasure the most and the reason she fell in love with the city. Afterwards, Tomoki asks if they wanted to play together for the remainder of the day, to which she agreed to. After remembering all of that, Hiyori regains her consciousness, but tells the two to run away, for she is unable to stop the self-destruct bomb herself. Hiyori hacks into Ikaros’s system, ordering her to break the barrier while she gives her first and final kiss to Tomoki. Hiyori flies high in the sky, just far enough away from Tomoki and the others before the self-destruct bomb activates, destroying her. Tomoki was easily saddened, for not only was he unable to save her, he was unable to answer her confession in the end.

Many days have passed since that day. Time moves on, and the people continued to live their daily lives, but the memories of Hiyori will forever remain in his heart as the first girl who has ever confessed to her. To this day, Tomoki continues to wait on the same spot at the same time that Hiyori told him to be. A bright light and feathers began to appear from behind him. Tomoki turns around, but tears and a smile appeared on his face. The movie ends with the sound of bells ringing with the wind.

To be honest, I felt that the directing and pacing of the show was a complete mess. Had I been the director, I would have focused less on what occurred in the past two seasons. While providing a reminder for the viewers as to what happened previously, I think that it could have been done much more briefly than take up a near half of the movie time. I say this because the near end of the movie felt very rushed with the scenes moving too quickly and everyone speaking as if they were on fire. Had they have shrunk the general points of what happened in the two seasons while extending what had occurred at the end, I would have had much more enjoyment as a viewer. While the execution felt rushed, the movie itself was not that bad, for it was very interesting to see someone’s else’s point of view of the various events that have occurred in both seasons and beyond. It really was a shame that it had to all end like that, but here is to me hoping that the end displayed a happy ending, to which I am a sucker for.


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