Amagami SS+: Haruka’s Arc (Final Arc)


It has been several weeks since Haruka and Jun’ichi confirmed their love for each other. One day, Jun’ichi and Haruka go on a date. Jun’ichi still cannot believe that he is going out with the girl of his reams. Haruka is very happy that he thinks of her that way. They two spot a bridal shop showing various wedding attires. Haruka then asks Junichi upfront when he is going to see her parents. Hibiki, who listened to Haruka about their date at school, asked what his reaction was, to which she answered he was quiet and embarrassed. Haruka then talks about a church she spots on a magazine page. Haruka recalls the time when her Grandfather told her about the story when he proposed to her grandmother at a church in England when her grandmother graduated and how they still remain loyal to each other ever since. Haruka’s dream was to have something like that happen to her as well, and she has always talked about this with Jessica, her relative in England who is one year older than her and is a splitting image of her except for her hair and eyes. When Jessica graduated, her boyfriend asked her hand in marriage. Haruka was slightly jealous of her because of it. Hibiki deducts that Haruka made Jun’ichi see some wedding dresses so that they can get married when she graduates. While it was not on her mind at the time, Haruka would like it if something like that were to happen. She tells Hibiki not to tell Jun’ichi about this because it would sound selfish for her. While Hibiki promises, she spots Jun’ichi from a distance, who was coming out from the nurse’s office, and calls him over. Jun’ichi asked what they were doing, to which Hibiki responded that they were talking about her relative from England. Haruka asked if Jun’ichi was free right now, to which Jun’ichi wondered what exactly she had in mind.

Jun’ichi finds himself inside her classroom with Haruka with a veil and carrying some flowers and Hibiki with a book in front of the teacher’s desk. Apparently, they were rehearsing for their wedding scene when it happens. The two of them walk up to Hibiki, and she, as the priest, asks some wedding vows that Jun’ichi and Haruka are supposed to accept, which they do. The two of them were about to kiss each other, but Hibiki places the book in front of them, stating that if this were to continue, it would not be a rehearsal anymore. Jun’ichi then imagined that they next scene to reenact would be a hot wedding night, but instead, Jun’ichi finds himself inside the nurses room. The scene they were suppose to interact is when Haruka realizes she is pregnant with their child. Hibiki, who now plays the doctor, states that her future job was to take care of children when they are already born, not while they are inside the womb, but Haruka claims that both are the same thing. Haruka asks her how the baby was doing, and Hibiki states that everything was going fine. Haruka allows Jun’ichi to feel her womb, and Jun’ichi asks the gender of their child, to which Hibiki responded that it was a girl. After that, the three go to the cafeteria to reenact a scene when Jun’ichi comes home from work and Haruka and their daughter are waiting for him to eat dinner with him. Hikibi, now acting as their child, feels unconformable in this role, but Haruka states that everything will be alright. Jun’ichi walks up to them, and Haruka welcomes him while getting Hibiki to welcome him as well. Haruka and Jun’ichi start to feed each other, but it goes awry, and Hibiki asks how he got Haruka’s heart. Jun’ichi stated that it was a secret, which gets Haruka upset.

Later that day, Haruka refuses to talk to him. Hibiki tells Jun’ichi to think of a proposal the next time they do this. While they were walking home, Jessica appears and hugs Haruka. Haurka, surprised, asked when she got here, to which Jessica arrived to Japan just now. Jessica greets Hibiki and Jun’ichi as well, who comments on how she was a splitting image of Haruha and her large bust size. Jessica kisses Jun’ichi in the cheek, forgetting that kisses in Japan meant something more that a greeting. Haruka asks why she was here, to which Jessica replied to see her graduation and for sight-seeing. Jessica was about to talk about their wedding when she graduates, but Haruka immediately stops her. Jun’ichi wondered what was going on, and Hibiki signaled Jessica not to say anymore.

Back in Haruka’s house, Haruka tells Jessica not to say anything in front of Jun’ichi, since she wanted to keep it a secret. Jessica states that she told it to her boyfriend, but Haruka was different from her. Jessica asked if she told him the entire story, to which Haruka answered no. Jessica stated that she was running out of time. The next day, Jun’ichi spots Haruka and greeted her, but Haruka freaked out. Apparently, there was something on her mind and she was feeling down. Naturally, she was worried about what is going to happen when she eventually leaves Jun’ichi after graduation. Jun’ichi sensing this, asks if she wanted to continue from where they left off, but Haruka states that maybe they can do it another time and leaves.

Jun’ichi wondered what is causing her to feel glum, but Umehara states that she is probably worried about graduation as much as he is. Kaoru asked if Jun’ichi was dumped by Haruka and wanted to pent out his fustrations by performing some jobs with her, to which he quickly answered that was not it. Later during the day, Rihoko comes over to him and asked if he wanted to come to the tea club to drink some tea that will soothe his pain, but Jun’ichi informs her as well that he was not dumped. Jun’ichi receives a call from the staff room, to which it was Jessica who called him. Jessica states that Haruka is feeling lonely and if he does not do anything about it, she might be taken away by other looves waiting for her in England. After school, Jun’ichi finds Haruka and takes her to the water shed. Here, he states that he loves her the most and will not be beaten by the boys in England, but Haruka already figured out that Jessica was the mastermind behind his thoughts. Haruka tells him that she will forever be his no matter what. Haruka recalls the time when they first meet in this place and the fun memories that they had here. Haruka states that she wanted to see this place with him one last time before her graduation and says that her wish somehow came true.

Jun’ichi was sorry that he reacted that way in front of her, to which Haruka forgave him. Althoguh Jun’ichi was glad she was back to her normal self, he was not satisfied just yet. Jun’ichi asks her if he wanted to come to his house sometime. Some days later, Jun’ichi enters his house to find Haruka waiting for him with an apron on. As the two were conversing, Jun’ichi makes a mistake, thus they had to start over from the top. Apparently, they were having a live rehearsal as what they may do in the future using Jun’ichi’s house as a base.

Haruka starts cooking for him. Jun’ichi asks if there was anything he can do to help her, but Hakura states that it is alright, despite showing signs of trouble cooking himself. Haruka asks where his family members were. Jun’ichi states that his parents are on a business trip and his sister was having a sleepover with her friends, and all three will not be coming back home until tomorrow night. Of course, Jun’ichi states that those were not the reasons why he wanted her to come today, but Haruka does not mind it. In fact, Haruka was going to stay over at his house nonetheless, much to Jun’ichi’s surprise. Easily, he lets her stay in his house for a day and even imagines the possible scenarios that may play as they were staying with each other. Soon, he wakes up to reality when Jun’ichi’s sees her rather poor cooking abilities.

After dinner, Jun’ichi and Haruka spend some time in the living room. While Haruka was watching TV, Jun’ichi was trying to calm himself down with his various ideas concerning him and Haruka. Haruka starts ticking him from under the table, and Jun’ichi retaliates. Haruka was unable to handle it and is forced to give up. Haruka decides to go to the bathroom to take a shower. Jun’ichi is alone inside the room as Haruka was taking a bath. Jun’ichi recalled that something like this happened last Christmas, and Haruka was upset that he did not peek inside. Jun’ichi wondered if Haruka wanted that scene reenacted and was about to go to the bathroom, but Haruka quickly returned, and Junichi remained in the living room. Jun’ichi was caught off-guard with her revealing negligee and asked if she could wear something else for his mental stability, but Haruka stated that she wore so that Jun’ichi could see her in it. Jun’ichi attempts to man up and burn her image in his mind forever, but Haruka had already change to her more normal pajamas.

That night, Haruka and Jun’ichi sleep in his room with Haruka sleeping on a futon. Jun’ichi was feeling guilty and wanted to switch places with her, but Haruka was fine in her position. Haruka then tells Jun’ichi that after graduation, she was going to go to England. She started that her grandparents were waiting for her to arrive; therefore, she had to go there after graduation. However, she will stay in Japan until the graduation ceremony. While in a sense, this was a relief for Jun’ichi, but he knew that time was running out for the both of them to be with each other longer. The next day, Jun’ichi recalls everything that has happened a few days back. Due to her recent action and reactions, it would make sense that she was feeling slightly lonely if she were to go to England after graduation. Jun’ichi attempts to go and talk to her, but Umehara states that seniors did not have to go to school until the graduation ceremony. Although Jun’ichi had his hopes down, he spots Hibiki walking at a distance.

Hibiki and Jun’ichi walk to the swimming pool. Jun’ichi asked if she knew that Haruka was going to England, to which she answered yes. Jun’ichi wonders why she kept it from him. While Hibiki does not know either, she asks him what he will do about it as her boyfriend. Jun’ichi calls Haruka’s phone, but it was Jessica who answered. Jun’ichi wanted to know where Haruka was, and Jessica responded that she was currently packing her stuff for England. Jun’ichi desperately asked if he can talk to her, but Jessica does not allow him. Jessica states that Hakura did not want to go to England at first, but because her grandparents were eager to see her, she had to choice. What was holding her from going back was Jun’ichi himself. Jessica was sent so that she makes sure Haruka returns to England after graduation. She cannot allow him to see or speak to Haruka; otherwise, her thoughts about going to England will heavily waver. If Jun’ichi really wanted her to stay, he would have to think of something grand enough to get her to stay with him. Jessica wishes him good luck and turns off the phone. Time was clearly not on his side, as Jun’ichi had to think of some way to get her to be by his side forever. He comes across the same bridal store that Jun’ichi and Haruka saw not too long ago. This gave him an idea.

Today was the graduation ceremony, and everyone was inside the school auditorium. Ms. Takahashi stated that Jun’ichi will be the one giving some final words to the graduating class. Naturally, everyone who knew him was surprised. Kaoru asked what was going on, and Tsukasa stated that Jun’ichi begged her to allow him to make the final speech to the seniors. First, Jun’ichi reads the script that the class representative was suppose to say in front of the class. After reading part of it, Jun’ichi does on to make is own improvised speech. Jun’ichi talks about his firs time meeting Haruka, asking her out on a date, but was quickly rejected. To attempt to win her heart, Jun’ichi was stick around her and follow her various odd, yet playful antics. When he confessed to her a second time, she allowed him to fall in love with her. Every day after that was a wonderful experience, and he will never forget the times that he has spent with her. However, he wishes to make more memories than just that. In front of the entire school, Jun’ichi proposes to her and asks her to marry him. The entire school goes crazy. Haruka quickly ran up to him and jumped to him, landing onto his arms and accepting his proposal. The two kissed each other, and the whole school cheered for them. Umehara and Miya happily cheered for him. Rihoko was saddened because her love for him was unable to bear fruit. Ms. Takahashi was a bit jealous of what just happened, but told everyone to calm down. Kaoru was a bit surprised that that was the reason he wanted to be the speaker, but Tsukasa was not amused by this. While Hibiki and Jessica wanted Jun’ichi to do something, neither of them expected him to go to this magnitude to do it. However, both were easily pleased by the outcome and cheered for Haruka. Jun’ichi and Haruka shared one more kiss in front of everyone.

At England, Jun’ichi and Haruka, now wearing wedding clothes, walked out of the church that Haruka’s grandparents and Jessica and her husband were married at. Everyone was applauding for their marriage. Miya prepares a camera to take their picture. The whole family comes closer together, and the picture was taken. Finally, the dream that Haruka had always wanted came true.


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