ISML 2012: Preliminary 2: Day 8 Fantasy/Prediction

Again, the same manner that was applied in the last round of prediction will be placed here. As the competition for the right to Regular Season gets tighter, match victories for main event rounds get that much closer. All of the girls who are unable to get in from here have to make sure they score very high in order to be in a good position to make it in by the third Preliminary period. While having a second place finish is a near guarantee of a place in Regular Season, third and fourth place would be very crucial in seeing how easy or heard the road may be for a regular seat spot. In any case, may the best girls win here, and good luck to all of them. Predictions for overall group rankings are found here:

Stella 5: I believe it is very clear that Hirasawa Yui will be able to make it in here after an unexpected loss from Preliminary 1. She should be able to defeat her opponents fairly easily. Second place will most likely go to Hiiragi Kagami with Hecate at third. I highly doubt that the Lucky Star group would drop in performance that far to give Hecate the victory. While the final episode of the Shana franchise was aired, her boost appears not to make her strong enough to take down the likes of Kagami and even Yui. I would be very surprise if the final episode gave Hecate a maximum push enough to make it in Regular Season. Fourth place is a toss-up between Saten Ruiko and Kushieda Minori, but I think Ruiko would get the victory. The chances of either getting to Regular Season again are quite low.

Nova 5: This is more or less Yuzuriha Inori’s victory. With Guilty Crown ending, Inori will most likely experience a last episode boost to capture the win. Second place seems to be Iwasawa Asami, for Gasai Yuno does not look strong enough to defeat her. Fourth should go to Tomoe Mami, but I will not be surprised if Wendy Marvell overtakes her for that spot. Mami needs to win her match; otherwise, she will suffer a near impossible victory road by Preliminary III.

Stella 6: A bit tricky. While it is a battle mostly between Asahina Mikuru and Last Order, this battle will most likely test how strong Last Order has become since last year, if she did. On a given day, Mikuru would beat Last Order, but, unlike Mikuru, Last Order defeated Hirasawa Yui, even if that was a seven free-for-all match. If I had to choose, I would say that Mikuru should be able to defeat Last Order for an early seat in Regular Season, but the possibly of Last Order winning is there as well. Seeing that both would make it in nonetheless at first and second, Konjiki no Yami would take third place, which is good, considering that she is strong in her own light. Fourth place seems to be leaning towards Okazaki Ushio. Maria is long forgotten, unless the movie granted her staying power, and Nisemonogatari did not boost Hanekawa Tsukasa enough to be near a fourth place seed.

Nova 6: Tōwa Erio should have to problems winning this one. This sparkled-hair denpa seems to have captured the hearts of many voters out there, and much will support her to victory. Second place should go to Haqua du Lot Herminium. Kaname Madoka is really going to have a hard time winning this one given the opponents she is facing. In order for her not to be fourth and run into a strong third place finisher, Madoka would have to beat Haqua to remain in third place had have an easier chance making it into Regular Season. However, I do not seen this happening, and Madoka will more or less drop to fourth place. Third place will be taken by Shinomiya Ayase, who defeated Madoka with a Guilty Crown near ending push previously. How she will fair come Preliminary III will be a mystery.

Stella 7: More likely than not, Illyasviel von Einzbern will get the victory here. Fate/Zero has apparently given her a major boost in power, as well as her mother. I highly doubt either of her opponents can defeat her. Second and third place will go to Hirasawa Ui and Ikaros respectively. I do not think Ikaros is strong enough to defeat Ui even with a potential recent movie boost. As for who will be taking fourth place, it is most likely going to be Sakurano Kurimu’s victory. While Kinomoto Sakura has staying power, I do not think it is enough for something like this.

Nova 7: Irisviel von Einzbern looks to be the winner of this one. Fate/Zero was able to bring out some potential in a woman like her, and she may be the second mother to participate in ISML, aside from Nagisa. Second place looks to be Nakagawa Kanon rather than Suzutsuki Kanade, who will most likely place third. Kamimoni II seemed to give Kanon some staying power, and while Konoe Subaru seems to have a healthy form of power, Kanade needs to do more here to show she has what it takes to make it to Regular Season. Fourth place will most likely got to Matsumae Ohana, as I believe she is better than Shinonono Hōki, but probably may not make it to Regular Season.

Stella 8: A rematch between Fujibayashi Kyō and Holo is implemented in the same final arena of Preliminary II, just with different rules. Still, I would have to believe that Kyou would be the victor here once again and make it through to the next round. Third place by default would have to go to Shiina Mafuyu, who is pretty strong in her own right, but not as much as she wants to. Fourth place looks quite tricky, but probably is not. Fate Testarossa should have no problem winning her match, although I will be fairly surprised if Kanzaki Kaori defeats her. Hopefully, her power did not shrink that far and will make her chances of returning that much harder.

Nova 8: Nova 8 is a mess number-wise. Each of the top three girls has an equal chance of winning that it is hard to pin-point exactly who will be the one coming out on top. Konoe Subaru seems to be improving, Fear Kubrick’s power is up and down, and Shiomiya Shiori looks to be slightly weaker than the two of them, but one cannot say. If anything, I would have to assume that Subaru would be the victor. A second place finish would definitely be important here as to get easier opponents in Preliminary III. Whoever places last here has to be careful not to be put in a match with a tough fourth place contender such as Hotogi Shirayuki, who had given each of the three above a hard time showing their true potential. If Hotogi gets a weak, third place contender in her group at Preliminary III, be sure to see some very close numbers.


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