KBM Round of 8: Group 2 Result

Antihero’s Glory: Shinsuke Takasugi outplays Ciel Phantomhive

While they look cold from the outside, there is a reason behind their harsh outlook in life. For Shinsuke Takasugi, the war has cost them the life of their master, while each of the three remaining samurai took the outcome of the war and his death differently, Shinsuke took the harshest approach and started to amass evil in order to throw away the current government while wrecking havoc in the process. While a villain, there is a reason for his actions. The same is said for Ciel Phantomhive. Ciel, by no means, lived a luxurious life. It may seem that way on the outside, but Ciel is hiding many emotions and frustrations inside him. While he has not gained the childhood that he had wanted, he still holds a chilish personality not seen by many people. In the end, the one who overcame their dark desires more him this bout was Shinsuke.


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