ISML Preliminary 2: Day 7 Results

Nova 1 – Kanzaki H. Aria

No surprise here. Aria has done favorably well since the start of the competition. While she may not be in the ranks of other top competitions, Aria is very strong in her own right as a mid-tier character. I am to expect some close matches from here. Everyone else did as expected here. With Elucia de Lute Irma as second, she should have a much easier time getting through to Regular Season, unlike last year. Kasugano Sora means that her strength did not decrease that much since last year, so she should have a fair chance at getting into ISML again. Shionji Yūko (Alice) may need a bit of luck to get in, and Ayuzawa Misaki needs a miracle. I will be interested in Yuuko actualy made it in somehow.

Stella 1 – Louise Vallière

Once more, no surprises here. Same as the above, it really helps if one is a flat-chested, long hair, tsundere loli voiced by Kugimiya Rie. Louise had no trouble winning this one to advance to the next round. The final episode of the Zero no Tsukaima series possibly helped her get an extra just in case boost from her opponents such as Kotobuki Tsumugi and Nymph, both whom have a movie boost respectively. Both Tsumugi and Nymph should not have a hard time getting in again this year by Preliminary III, especially Tsumugi, who has a second place finish. Ibuki Fūko may be able to give some weak third place contenders a run for their money, but I do not see her making it in this year.

Nova 2 – Makise Kurisu

Not too surprising here as well. Makise Kurisu performed very well during Prelim I, and it transferred well here. I am sure that she will be a decent force to be reckoned with in the mid-tier section. Mine Riko looked a tad weak here, but since she is in second place, she should have an easy time getting into Regular Season. Shimada Minami is the main girl to look out here with a strong third place finish. A weak unexpected fourth place contender may not be able to cope if they are against her. I sadly do not see Honma Meiko getting in, who had quite a disappointing run after a decent Prelim 1 finish. Maybe she is strong in a larger group as opposed to smaller ones.

Stella 2 – Oshino Shinobu

Oshino Shinobu has had an impressive revival in strength ever since Nisemonogatari came out. A number of mid-to-high tier characters may need to watch out for her, for she is able to strike without warning. Furukawa Nagisa put up a decent performance, and while she did not look that great, she should be able to make it in through her second place finish. Shirai Kuroko is the one who should be very wary of her surroundings. As a weak third place contender, she may be taken over by top fourth place finishers. Still, her chances of getting in are there, much more than Kotegawa Yui, who is a decent fourth place winner, but with her close victory here, it may not be enough to get into Regular Season this time.

Nova 3 – Mikazuki Yozora

No surprise here. Mikazuki Yozora has shown a lot of potential since her debut in Prelim I. Thankfully, her power was true, thud getting herself the victory. Had it been someone else Kirishima Shōko could have been the winner, but it was not meant to be. Still Shouko is pretty strong for a second place holder, so she is more likely to get in than her her other opponent, Aragaki Ayase.  Has Ayase shown a bit of weakness here? She needs to be a bit more careful, for if she faces someone near her strength, she may lose. Laura Bodewig’s victory over Minato Tomoka was a bit surprising, but I doubt either of the two are going to make it in this year.

Stella 3 – Sakagami Tomoyo

Clannad has not been completely forgotten just yet. Their strongest representative, Tomoyo, defeated her opponents with much ease, but what does it say about Sanzen’in Nagi? Sure, Nagi had a bad start in Prelim I, but I get the feeling that she might have weakened a bit moreso that one would think if her score was somewhat close to Index L. Prohibitorum. Still, because of her second place finish, Nagi will have an easier time getting into Regular Season than Index, who may have a tougher time if strong fourth place winners attack her with her guard down. While Yūki Mikan may have won her match, she has close to no chance of getting into Regular Season. I do not believe she will make it in this time.

Nova 4 – Himeji Mizuki

I was a bit surprised by her victory, but I saw it coming. With a bit of luck and the type of opponents that she is against, Mizuki was able to take advantage of this to make it into Regular Season. This would become a rather beneficial victory, for even though she would have made it in at second or third, she does not have to go through another set of character rounds again. Haruna was whom I thought would win, but with a 20 vote difference, it did not really manner. Inclusive with her second place finish, Haruna should have an easy time getting into Regular Season. While Sakura Kyōko is at third, I am to assume that she will be able to get into ISML by Prelim III. If Kyouko lets her guard down one more time, that will be the end of her including any other chance of another PMMM character to join Homura in ISML. Tsugumi at fourth was thanks to the end of the Guilty Crown series, and while the chances of her making it in is slim, I do not see her getting in this time around. Ika-Musume is not going to get any love this year as well.

Stella 4 – C.C.

C.C.’s victory came out as a major surprise for me, unlike the rest of the results. I would have believed that Izumi Konata would get the victory, but C.C. was able to surpass her by eight votes. Although C.C. does not have to go through any more matches again, I am pretty sure she would have made it in ISML in Prelim III regardless. The same goes to Konata; she should have no problem getting in by Prelim III, and is possibly one of the stronger second place winners to look out for. Although Tainaka Ritsu gets third place here, she has to be very careful not to go up against stronger fourth place finishers, for she is possibly one of the weakest third place girls here. While the chances of Ichinose Kotomi getting in are slim, she is very strong as a fourth place contender and may give weak third place winners a tight match.


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