Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou: Episode 12 (Final Episode)

Demons – Habara was recalling the times she was with Toshiyuki. Every time she wanted to do something to him or for him, he would always react in some way. If she comes from behind, he will notice. If she starts talking, he would free his hands. If she sits down with win, he increases distance. When she laughs, he starts to sweat. When she touches him, his hand gets close to a ballpoint pen in his pocket. When she returns something, he sprays it with disinfectant. Adding all this up, Habara thinks that he has some feelings for her, but she might be misunderstanding something. Ikushima and Yanagi tell her that she is.

High School Boys and Lies – Motoharu asked Yoshitake what Twitter was, to which he replied it is a high class Italian food. He asks what KY is, to which he responds that it is an abbreviation for a group of nations wanting to protect the environmental. He asks what tsudere is, to which he responds it is an aggressive relationship between couples. He asks what doyagao is, to which he answers it means to have a face that looks like sandals. He asks what Agepoyo is, to which he replies it was an old manga published in 1981. He asks what MMORPG is, to which he states that it is a game where many users can interact with each other. Apparently, Motoharu knew what he was talking about and was just testing Yoshitake’s trustworthiness in information.

High School Boys and UFO Capture – Hidenori was trying to get a bear in a crane game, but misses. Yoshitake decides to help him out, but his aim is far worse than Hidenori’s. Hidenori asks Tadakuni for money, but he does not give any to him. Yoshitake finally captures the bear, and it was about to go inside the chute, but the bear slips and falls down near the chute. Because it was so close. Tadakuni claims that they might be able to shake it off. The three try to move the machine, but it was too heavy for them. The three decide to leave when Tadakuni’s sister is seen going up to the machine. Hidenori tries to tell her that playing that game was useless, but his sister manages to shake the machine so that a bear drops into the chute. Tadakuni’s sister walks away with a bear while the three wonder exactly what she is made of.

High School Boys and Store Clerks – Hidenori is seen playing a crane game by himself. This time, he was trying to get a boxed figurine, which he does not succeed to get. Hidenori wonders how his position would look like to other people. Hidenori admits that he is into cute figurines, but does not wish for any bystander to look and see him in that light. A sales clerk asks him if he needed any help. Hidenorri thought his cover was blown and asks why she wanted to do so. She responded that he looked as though he really wanted the figuring, quickly getting right to the point. Hidenori decides to try this one more time and finally gets the figurine. The sales person was very happy and proudly states that he finally got the figurine, much to his chagrin. The sales clerk asks him to come again, which he will not any time soon.

High School Boys and Assertiveness – Takahiro and his friend were looking at a scene outside the classroom window. Apparently, the girl, who was the class representative, told a boy that he was supposed to do cleaning duty today. The boy tells her that he asked someone else to do it because he really had to do something today, to which she stated that she should have told her earlier. Takariho wonders why she was acting such a way to her, to which his friend responded that they must be childhood friends. However, they were speaking formally with each other. His friend thinks it must be an obligation, but she wanted to participate in whatever he is doing. Takahiro wonders why she was going so far to be with him. Yassan was going over to her desk when his friend asks her what she thought about the situation outside. Yassan does not like girls who do those shameless things in public. If it were here, she would have talked to him about it privately. His friend finds it interesting she can say such words, for everyone knew that she chased around a boy in town that other day. Apparently, everyone knew that, much to her dismay.

High School Boys and Getting Hit On – Ringo was at the student council room when all of them were doing work. She states that she is bored and wanted all of them to go outside. Motoharu, Toshiyuki, and the vice president had no other choice but to comply with her. The four of them go outside, but the three lose sight of Ringo. Apparently, she was eating some food when a couple of delinquents were hitting on her. The three council members quickly shooed them away, with the vice president asking her to be careful not to do out alone. Motoharu asks what they should do. The vice president asks Ringo what she would like to do, but she gets hit on by another group of high school students. The three save her again, questioning how guys were able to hit on someone like her. She goes out to try another type of food, but someone immediately hits on her. The vice-president hits him, and the three decided to run, but realized the person they attacked was the president.

High School Boys and Frankfurter – Mitsuo was eating a frankfurter with his friends when it dropped. Yoshitake tried to grab it, but hurts himself. Hodenori tries to catch it, but hurts himself. The frankfurter falls, but Motoharu swats it up. It bounces off Ringo’s head and lands on Takahiro’s friends back. The friend throws it away, to which it hits Tadakuni in the stomach, finally causing it to drop. Yet, Mitsuo picks it up and eats it.

High School Boys and … – Today was the day that Tadakuni and the rest were graduating. It had been a long three years, but they have finally done it. Tadakuni is going to miss this town, along with the fun memories that they had that day. Yoshitake and Hidenori walked up to him and looked out at the city. While all three of them are going their separate ways after this, that does not mean that all is lost forever. No matter what happens, they will always stay as friends. The three go to school to listen to sermon until they receive their diploma. After the graduation ceremony, the vice president was crying, and Toshiyuki and Motoharu tried to cheer him up. The president and Ringo, who were wearing matching uniforms, tells them that he should not cry like that. Toshiyuki states that to the three of them, he will always be their president. Mitsuo was about to leave the classroom when he sees a present on his desk. It was the legitimate model that he first created. Yoshitake digs up a time capsule he buried on the ground, to which contains the hero’s mask he wore in the past. Written on it was the question of if he became a hero or not, to which he obviously did not. Hidenori was reading at the riverbank when Yassan walks up to her. They repeat the same lines that they had in their first conversation, but with a little twist. Hidenori asks for her hand, to which she accepts. Tadakuni was at a balcony when his sister walks up to her to give him her congratulations. Another girl walks up to him an states that she had to tell him something no matter what. Tadakuni does not know who she is, and she tells her she is convex mirror girl he wanted to see for so long. Tadakuni wakes up, wondering if everything that happened was a dream. The next day, Tadakuni runs to school with bread in his mouth. Yoshitake was seen running with leftover cheese fondue while Hidenori was seen carving pieces of meat to a tray. Their story continues.

High School Girls are Funky: the Movie – Yanagi, Ikushima, and Habara also graduated and were going to London for their graduation trip. All was fair and well until evil looms in the distance known as the Silver Devil. Habara transforms to her Archdemon form, and the two fight to the death. Who will win? We will never find out.


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