Aquarion Evol: Episode 13

The next time I experience some form of phantom pain, remind me that it is a sign of bad luck. Although it might not be the same for me, clearly it meant that way for Donar, who was still able to feel the pain Mikage has done to him despite losing his arm. With that, he prepares himself, just in case if his premonition was true, and, indeed, it was. With Kagura pretty much crashing the party, and much of the Berlin Wall, everyone was forced to evacuate to the school for safety reasons. Thanks to Kagura’s entrance, however, Jin’s plan was forced to be revealed earlier than he may have predicted. However, if it means getting some of his find back in Altair, he will do whatever it takes, even backstabbing his potential girlfriend, Yunoha, who easily faints when she sees Mix getting crushed from the rubble that Kagura was creating. Clearly, with Kagura causing havoc from the outside, and Jin acting as a double agent from the inside, things were certainly not going well for Vega, specifically Neo-Denva.

The students prepare for battle, but Mikono, and possibly Amata, knows that the person inside was Kagura. Amata tells him he will protect her no matter what, and Zessica decides to break up their intimate moment. I find it surprising that they are still performing Unions together, but maybe Zessica is able to put her love life and battles aside. Maybe. Anyway, the three transform into Aquarion Evol and confronted with Kagura, but Kagura had a very easy time beating them down to the count. Apparently, Kagura is an Elemental user as well, which gives a possible rise that he can be a potential Heel/Face turn character, but, as of right now, that is not happening. Kagura’s elemental power turns out to be “Reverse,” a overpowering type of power if one thinks about it. To reflect any incoming attack from other people can be easily abused various times, and along with excelled speed and strength from before, Aquarion Evol was caught off guard and easily defeated.

While all of this was happening, Jin was getting ready to hack into a vector to drive to the warphole previously entered by Kagura. Yunoha wakes up and tries to talk some sense into him, but this will eventually fail. Jin reveals who he is to her, but that does not stop Yunoha from trying to tell her that they should be helping their friends who have accepted them as who they are, but not Jin. If people knew who Jin was, they will think of him differently, and he does not want any of that to happen. A warning states that someone was trying to leave on an unauthorized vector. Cayenne attempts to catch up to him to stop him, but it was too late. Jin, using the distraction from outside, leaves along with Yunoha. Yunoha continues to do whatever it takes to get him to see that they should help their friends in times of need and wonders if him opening up to them was his plan as well. Nonetheless, he continues to fly and enters the warphole.

Mikage finally appears in front of them, but not in the welcoming light that he may have wanted. Already many were hostile to his sudden entrance, but Mikage manages to knock them all out unconscious. Apparently, he and Fudo knew each other from some time, possibly 12,000 to even 24,000 years ago. With that much time passing, while Mikage keeps his old form, Fudo’s true body is no where to be found, with the image of him currently being that of an illusion. Mikage quickly gets down to the chase; he wants to know where the Aquarion hidden in Vega is and forces Fudo to tell him, to which he keeps silent. Donar manages to get back to his senses and fires a charged beam at Kagura, to which he easily blocks. Mikage is not willing to give up just yet and disappears, for now.

Meanwhile, with Aquarion beaten, Kagura climbs on one of it and uses his reverse power to open the hatch where Mikono is. Seriously, the reverse power is truly overpowering. Kagura is immediately overjoyed that he found his Sylvie, but the words he uses are a bit awkward and, at the same time, funny. Who throws his lover in the air while dancing around and saying that he hates her or wants to kill her? It seems like the reverse power had an effect on his way of speech as well. Kagura tries to kiss Mikono, but she would have none of it and is still afraid of him. Amata flies and catches Mikono, but Kagura uses his power to knock him down. Kagura was about to reverse Amata’s bloodstream (again, an abuse of his power), but Andy manages to create a hole just in time to drop Kagura in it. Apparently, Mix and Andy were okay after Andy dug a hole to save her and himself. Of course, this would prove useless, since Kagura would just reverse what happened to him and get back on the ground. Kagura attempts to fight back, but Zessica, Cayenne, and Sharde makes sure that she does not do anything suspicious just yet.

While Kagura gets back to his machine, the main problem was what to do with the dimension gate that was feeding Kagura power. Jin returns from the warphole, stating that he has a plan on how to stop him. Cayenne does not trust him, and Yunoha tries to defend him, but Jin states that it does not matter whether he believes him or not. What matters is stopping Kagura at this moment, This strong sense of love attracts Mikage, and he appears in Jin’s vector and starts to choke Yunoha, Jin uses his powers to stop him, but Mikage uses his powers to give him a blow in the head. Everyone was taken aback, but Jin survives, asking one for time for a Union, to which Cayenne finally agrees to.

Sharde, Mikono, and Amata union to create Aquarion Spada while Cayenne, Zessica, Yunoha, and Jin union to create Aquarion Gepard. The two attacked and managed to knock out Kagura, but the energy from the warphole allows him to stand and retaliate. The shockwave created, causes both machines to be taken aback, and Jin tries to deflect this power. With everyone by his side, not only was the power deflected, but a new source of energy was created between them. Gepard and Spada evolve by gaining stronger armor and weaponry. The two attempt to fight Kagura once more. While Spada was playing with Kagura, Gepard manged to create a isolation barrier around the warphole. With all of their might, Jin and Yunoha snap the gate shut, destroying the warphole completely. With no energy to drive him, Spada performs the final blow and Kagura’s machine is destroyed. However, it just so happens that flower pedals surround him before he is destroyed with it. Most likely, Mikage was able to get him back to Altair before his complete destruction. Of course, who would want to see a main character die off that soon in the middle of this series.

Everyone was glad that everything was over, but not Zen. In fact, a calm person who is mostly cool in every situation is angry. When they made the final blow, Mikage get the last laugh by sending a stronger and powerful shock wave to his open wound. Yunoha is glad that they won, but Jin falls unconscious dropping the device he was holding, which held a dying message from him. Yunoha cries. Jin is most likely dead.

For me, I felt as thought Jin was taken away way too early in the metagame, but I can understand why he had to die. Jin’s death would truly cause some strain not just on Neo-Denva, but back in Altair as well. Clearly, Izumo is going to be pissed when he finds out that Jin died in Vega. Whether he believes it was from Neo-Denva or Mikage will remain uncertain. For Neo-Denva, this will certainly take a tole morally speaking, especially Yunoha, who possibly met the one she can be with forever, but it was not meant to be. Yunoha is going to be very depressed by this, and I have to feel sorry for her. I really hope it does not come down to this, but, based on the preview, it seems as though he really did die, which hurts because the animators finally decide to add Jin with Sylvie in the background as one of the slides in the ending. Still, Jin really hold a lo of potential for further storylines and further character and relationship development, so it was very sad to see him go. Mikage has now entered my “To kill upon first sight” list. That jerk can be sent to the pits and not revive again.


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