ISML Preliminary 2: Day 8 Results

Stella 5 – Hirasawa Yui

Yui wasted little time trying to show that she deserves to be back in Regular Season, blasting her opponents away for the victory. Hiiragi Kagami, while taking second place, should be very glad she is in second. Due to her rather poor performance throughout Prelim II, she should be able to get in to Regular Season unless she meets a tough fifth place character. Hecate looks to be able to get into Regular Season with her third place position, considering that she does not meet any tough fourth place characters.

Nova 5 – Yuzuriha Inori

Not to my surprise, Inori gets in, and with a decent vote gap as well, considering that Iwasawa Asami has decent staying power thanks to the AB! franchise. Since Asami is in second place, she should have no problem getting into Regular Season. Although Gasai Yuno is in third place, she needs to really work hard to get into Regular Season since she is a weak character in terms of strength. If a strong fourth place contender goes after her, she may not be able to make it. Tomoe Mami, while taking fourth place, has to work hard as well since she is pretty weak in terms of strength. I sadly do not see her making it in, though.

Stella 6 – Last Order

Another close round, but, this time, it is worth something as Last Order gets into Regular Season. To my surprise, Konjiki no Yami would be second and getting under 100 votes. I would have thought that Asahina Mikuru would be second, but she comes out as last out of this group of three. However, because all three of the characters have a 100 difference in vote range, I was surprised that all three were equal in strength. It seems like Last Order was the one who get out of this with the victory, and Mikuru might be dying away from people’s eyes. Still, both Yami and Mukuru should be able to make it in come Regular Season.

Nova 6 – Tōwa Erio

Erio wasted no time showing her dominance as well by winning that match. With this victory, this sparkly-hair moe blob gets into ISML. Haqua du Lot Herminium comes close behind, but did not have enough power to get pass her in the end. Even so, I am sure that she will make it, thanks to her second place victory. Shinomiya Ayase gets a successfully victory as well as a nice third place finish. Since she made it to third place, she may be able to get an easy time getting in, but she needs to be careful of strong fourth place contenders. Assuming that the Guilty Crown end will give her some strong staying power, she will be able to make it in. As for Kaname Madoka, who is in fourth place, she sadly may not be able to get in this year. PMMM is not doing well in terms of overall strength.

Stella 7 – Illyasviel von Einzbern

Illyasviel von Einzbern made a very good showing with her surprising Fate/Zero boost. I think what was even more surprising was Ikaros getting very close her. I could have sworn that Hirasawa Ui would get second, but she did not. In fact, she did pretty poorly here, for my expectations. With a close score like that, Ikaros should have no problem getting into Regular Season, with thanks that she is in second place. Ui takes third place, but I am sure she has enough strength to make it in this year as well.

Nova 7 – Irisviel von Einzbern

Like her daughter, Irisviel von Einzbern also makes it in ISML as well. Fate/Zero really did wonders for this mother. To my surprise, Nakagawa Kanon came quite close to her. At this rate, Kanon should be able to make it in with her second place position with ease. Suzutsuki Kanade takes third place, but she has done quite well for herself in this preliminary, so she should be able to make it in as a third place contender. Fourth place goes to Shinonono Hōki, but I do not think she is going to make it in.

Stella 8 – Holo

By a mere 12 votes, Holo overpasses Fujibayashi Kyō to make it to Regular Season. I could have sworn that Kyou would make it in, but it turns out not to be so. It looks like Clannad is starting to die down, and possibly most of the Kyoto Animation creations in general. In any case, Kyou should have no problem getting into ISML through Preliminary III. Shiina Mafuyu gets third place. Although she was a bit weak, Mafuyu should have no problem making in as a third place winner. Fate Testarossa gets fourth place, but she is going to have a hard time making it in. If she faces a weak third place contender, then maybe she will be able to make it in.

Nova 8 – Shiomiya Shiori

The main surprise for me is this match, with Shiomiya Shiori coming out as the victor of this match. I actually did not expect her to win and placed her in second and possibly third, bit Shiori finally did it. Konoe Subaru and Fear Kubrick take second place and third place respectively. Both of them should be able to make it in to Regular Season. Hotogi Shirayuki had a really strong performance here as well. Despite being in fourth place, I would not be surprised if she made it in if she were to face a weak third place contender.


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