Amagami SS+: Episode 13 (Bonus Episode)

While technically known as Miya’s Arc, the majority of her series is not completely focus on Miya. In fact, this episode allows every girl who has appeared in Amagami with a significant influence to have their small moment of glory here. We first start out with Jun’ichi all alone this coming Christmas when Miya tells him that she is going to be at a hot spring opening near the area with Ai and Sae. Of course, Jun’ichi, being the perverted adolescent that he is, imagines both of the girls with nothing at all, commenting on each of their beauty. Miya reminds her that she will be going as well, but Jun’ichi finds nothing good about her, much to her dissociation. She claims that the grand opening allowed free entrance to girls, but guys are not allowed inside. As a bonus episode with the theme of a hot spring disregarding any other male appearance, the episode could only mean one thing: the typical fanservice.

As stated above, the most interesting part of this episode is that every girl gets an equal amount of time of having their spotlight on them. Sae is seen as the main tease of the episode with Miya commenting on her large bust despite her age and playing around with her body because of it. Ai acts as the indirect receiver to Miya’s antics, questioning her own body as well as going inside what appears to be a ramen hot spring. While changing, the next girl that they meet happens to be Rihoko, who was checking her weight when Miya and the others appeared. She was at the foot bath where the fish would eat one’s unnecessary parts, but Rihoko takes it that they will eat all the fat in her body, not the dead skin or other unnecessary particles on her feet. This will eventually cause her to have stomach pains from laughing so much, thus spending the remainder of her time in a massage room. Kaoru is the first one we see actually getting inside the bath. The one she chooses is none other than the bath claimed to give a woman a better shape as well as an increase in bust size. Tsukasa just happens to walk into the same bath that Kaoru was taking. Although embarrassed to get in, Tsukasa eventually confronts her desires and joins her. The two spend the majority of their time inside the bath, believing that as long as they will stay in it for a long time, they will be able to gain the body of all men’s dreams and use it to their advantage to get any guy they desire. Of course, staying too long would cause one to faint, thus went to the message room for a remainder of the day. During this time, Rihoko stated that she and Jun’ichi bathed together before when they were young. Of course, Tsukasa, Kaoru, and Ai, who happened to be with them at the time, react to her bold statement, thus were hurt from the message they were having from their movement. As for Haruka, she was having the time of her life trying to find various cute baths to be in.

Not just the main heroines, but secondary characters were able to have their crowning moments of glory as well. Kanae spent most of her time as the straight man and informer of the odd actions happening around her as well as Rihoko. Keiko and Risa were having a discussion about their love lives and the aftermath of what they have done for them. Jessica was as eager as Haruka about entering interesting hot spring as much as Haruka was. Hibiki tagged along to make sure that they would not be doing anything embarrassing, given the nature of both girls. Ruriko and Manaka made a cameo appearance, but that was mostly it. As for Ms. Takahashi, she was at the Rejuvenating Suana, said to be able to make one look younger in appearance. Apparently, she had been inside the suana for a long period of time before Miya decided to check what it was like inside. Hilarity ensues when Miya bought a gift for Jun’ichi, who was busy reading and watching porn with Umehara. Miya spots a young girl who look exactly like Ms. Takahashi and called herself Maya and she was running across the hallway. This made Miya surprised to see that Ms. Takahashi rejuvenated that much, but, in truth, she was still at adult, hoping that staying in the suana payed off.

In the end, Miya is seen giving Jun’ichi some bathing salts for him to try to make their bathroom have the feel of a hot spring. Jun’ichi tries it out, but is rejuvenated for a different reason. Apparently, when he finishes taking his bath, Jun’ichi comes out as a man removed from his desires. In fact, he will go so far as to burn all of his porn as well as Umehara’s porn for the sake of becoming a new man. This naturally causes Miya to go in a state of shock and immediately tells Jun’ichi not to do such things, wishing for her former brother to come back. It seems like the bath salts did much more than relieve his body.


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