ISML 2012: Preliminary 2: Overall Impressions

Preliminary Two really helped me figure out the general strength of many of these characters, which is very beneficial by the time Regular Season comes and follows the same format as this seven times with two characters for five color periods. That being said, it gave me some relative insight as to what to expect come Preliminary III as well as my overall impressions of characters. I had mixed reactions with the outcome of what their true strength was along with my own personal feeling, but overall, I was satisfied with what I had witnessed.

The group that I was sadly disappointed with had to be PMMM. They were doing fairly well for themselves, but dropped a considerable number of points by the near end of the phase. With all of the girls needing a third try to get in, it looks as though Kyouko, who I believed to be in by this phrase, may be the only other PMMM girl to make it to Regular Season. Not just Sayaka, but Mami and Madoka have an even lower chance of getting in with thanks to their poor performance and fourth place positions. Another disappointment for me was Menma’s performance. She did poorly than I expected to to do. At this rate, she, too, might not be able to get into ISML. I felt Misaki, Ohana, and Nagi could have done a much better job than their positions perceived them as.

I was very surprised of the strength Guilty Crown portrayed here. Maybe it was because of the ending episodes that allowed them to gain a final push to have their true capabilities blossom. Hopefully, it will stay, unless it is the type of show that will quickly lose its power as time progresses. I was very much pleased by KamiNomi and BakaTest’s performances. Both shows have improved very well over the course of one year and most to all of them are capable of making it in by Preliminary III save Ayumi. Rather than Nisemonogatari, Shinobu made the biggest improvement since her Prelim appearance last year. Hopefully, Shinobu is able to show off her true vampire powers to her other veteran friends.

I am looking forward to see how the final preliminary stage will be portrayed. We are going to say hello and goodbye to the remainder of these girls. The question is which one.


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