KBM Male Division 2012: Round of 4

And not to my surprise, it happened. Indeed the matches are going to be Shinsuke Takasugi vs. Sougo Okita and Gintoki Sakata vs. Shota Kazehaya. The end result is more or less looking obvious, but again, nothing is true unless it is revealed to us. Based on these matches, here is what I think it going to happen:

Shinsuke Takasugi vs. Sougo Okita: Again, I cannot say much since I have not watched Ginatama before, nor have I scurried through the various popularity polls given for them. If I have to guess, I would assume that Shinsuke Takasugi would win based on his performance. Intra-series matches tend to be different from statistics since the majority of the people voting are going to be the series fans and much less of everyone else. However, another reason I would pick Shinsuke is for a possible final match concerning him and Gintoki, the most likely person to win against Shota, which makes a very good storyline to create, but I guess that is not the minds of how some of us work.

Gintoki Sakata vs. Shota Kazehaya: As I have stated previously, Shota almost has no chance of winning this one unless a miracle happens for him to win. The logical person to win this one is Gintoki, but here is to me hoping that somehow, someway, Shota can break through and advance to the finals.


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