KBM Round of 8: Overall Impressions

It look like, at this rate, we are most certain to have a Gintama final. With three of Gintama’s strongest performers in the running, There’s almost no room for Shota Kazehaya to win this bout. For mostly all of the characters, the chances of Shota getting in is slim. If Shota faces Sougo Okita, he may have a chance. If he is paired up with Gintoki Sakata, he can kiss his chances to almost goodbye. Shota might have a chance with Shinsuke Takasugi, but it is much slimmer than Sougo. Since KBM also follows a form of seeding, I would not be surprised with Gintoki vs. Shota and Sougo vs. Shinsuke would be the matches come when the matches for the Top 4 reveal itself. It is going to be tough, but Shota needs to pull out a miraculous win if he wants to see himself in the finals. Until then, expect a Gintama final.


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