Amagami SS+: Final Impressions

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Unlike many other dating sim and visual novel adaptations where the anime portrays one main route while inserting several other routes into its premise, Amagami separated each heroine to have their own individual arcs about their life and how it changes when a boy named Tachibana Jun’ichi enter their lives. In a sense, one can see this as six short stories that flows under one large arc of romance. Unlike other anime reviews, I will be writing this based on arc rankings with which I thought was done well and which I believed could have had a little more work on it. In terms of which arc from Amagami SS+ specifically that I liked are as follows:

6. Kaoru’s Arc – To be honest, I thought this was the weakest arc out of the group. For me, it did not bring anything new to the table from their previous four episodes together. Jun’ichi calls his relationship with her as a “bad friend,” but when they were able to groom each other by the end of the arc, it was as if nothing happened during that six month skip. While they still interacted with each other and cannot tell the difference between which actions can be seen in public and which can be done in private, I felt that, in terms of love, it remained stagnant, like it was all one line the way though. Even when they were lost or stayed at a hot spring bath house, there was no actual development, which made it confusing to see whether or not they were actually lovers or still friends. In the end, their time at the beach and the kiss at the sunset made it seem like love was naturally like that.

5. Rihoko’s Arc – While I was very glad that she finally mustered up the courage to say that she loves him, I felt as though it took a bit too long. I guess it makes sense, seeing that Jun’ichi and Rihoko have known each other since they were children, so it was hard for Jun’ichi to switch her from a childhood friend to a lover. The two of them were fine with their relationship as is that both were afraid to make a move because they believe the other and themselves would not see each other differently. Yet, it had to take one of if their classmates to hit on Rihoko that she rejected that Jun’ichi happened to see that made Jun’ichi realize just how much Rihoko actually means to her. Despite the fact that he confessed to her, I felt like the revelation of the confession was very random. Still, they have managed to portray well that someone like her still has a chance even if they were together for so long.

4. Tsukasa’s Arc – They were dating for only one month, so I can understand that there would not be any sudden changes between the two. However, if anything, Jun’ichi continued to show how unreliable he can be. It was almost as though Tsukasa was the more dominant one of their relationship. The previous season at least showed Jun’ichi trying is best not only to win Tsukasa’s expectations but also made her come in terms with her split personality, that he can show both to him at any time. Here, I thought Jun’ichi was always at the receiving end, doing to wrong things at the wrong time and had to have Tsukasa save him every time. While there were scenes showing development here and there, I did not feel as though anything new was added to the table even given their own terms of a crisis.

3. Sae’s Arc – Sae brought out a touching story about her trying to gain the confidence to do things herself with her friends by her side. Sae was able to bring out the better components of Jun’ichi, such as his overall dedication to be with her at all times. With Sae doing committee work all the time, it was hard for him to actually find a way to be with her always, so he comes up with the idea of video-recording her every movement in regards to her. The video camera will eventually be the evidence that he needs to tell her that if she is even in doubt or needs an extra hand, she can always come to his shoulders to ask for help. The Founding Festival was a success, everyone and fun, and Sae achieved the best Christmas gift she can ever have: a kiss from her boyfriend after all the har work the two had done. Their epilogue was very cute with their children having fun at a house show while Jun’ichi records the lives of his family.

2. Ai’s Arc – Ai holds the same situation as Sae, but in reverse. This time, it would be Jun’ichi trying to live up the expectations of Ai by going to cram school and getting into a good university. Ai was also able to bring out the better qualities of Jun’ichi as well, much different than what Sae was able to bring out. Here, he was able to show his loyalty as well as his wish to be with her always. It would be Ai who will be thinking about what she can do for him, since he was working so hard for her sake. Ai was able to show her own personal development, from a rather cold attitude to be able to have her heart melt away every time she is with Jun’ichi. These two were able to harbor a certain chemistry with each other that made this part of their arc very enjoyable. Both of the characters were portrayed very well, and nether of them have any bad qualities to go against them.

1. Haruka’s Arc – They truly save the best arc for lest. Just like how Tsukasa’s arc was my favorite in the first series, Haruka’s arc gave me the most enjoyable ride out of the rest of the girls in this season. Inverted from Sae and Ai, it would be Jun’ichi who would be in the midst of what to do when Haruka goes away after graduation. At first, we see that they to are still very much cutely in love with each other with many of Haruka’s silly antics taking up most of Jun’ichi’s life. When a certain crisis occurs in her arc, Jun’ichi would be forced to figure out just what exactly he had to do to get Haruka in his arms without having her leave to England. With the help of Hibiki and Jessica indirectly pushing him to see what lengths he will take, Jun’ichi decides, out of all the methods to choose from, to confess to her in front of the entire school during their graduation ceremony. Luckily, this actually worked as Haruka would accept his proposal and kiss him in front of everyone. Jun’ichi took a gamble, and it worked. Congratulations to Jun’ichi and Hakura on their marriage.


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