Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou: Final Impressions

While there is nothing much to say about this, since it is a show derived only of skits with no actual form of a plot, I have to say, I had a funny ride with this series. The various odd and surreal antics caught me off guard. Here, I was thinking that this portrays very well the daily lives and actions of high school boys and high school girls in general. The actions that the boys and girls make in this arc is very realistic, and that is what makes this series all the more funny. One can almost picture oneself in any of their shoes and may have reacted or done the same thing as them. From role playing, to making music, and other extracurricular activities, Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou deserves its well dues as one of the more underrated comedy series that people do not turn up on.

All of the characters here are very likable. Let us take the male side, for instance. Tadakuni comes off as one of my favorite male characters of the cast for his purpose of having to bring many of the characters to reality in almost every single instance of their tom-foolery. Sure, he can be considered a party-pooper or someone who is too slow to “get it,” but there are some instances when Tadakuni comes up in most of the better skits shown in this series. For example, the times when he told a scary story what his friends and his sister took for granted to try out themselves, but the story turns out to be fake. Also, he instance with him and his reaction to the convex mirror girl was as priceless as one can have it. My second favorite character had to be Toshiyuki. This is a man who wore a hat most of his life due to a large revealing scar on his forehead. Whenever he is in contact with the one who gave the scar to him and that person’s friends, hilarity ensues on both his side and theirs. The most prominent one I can think of is when the girls were clearly bad-mouthing him, so he decided to quell them by throwing some sweets at them, to which they gleefully accepted. He seems to know what is on the minds of the characters around him, thus reacts accordingly without having anyone to say anything about it.

Now, let us turn to the female side. While Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou is mostly a comedy show about guys doing guy things and creating comedy out of it, I think the strongest scenes would have to deal with the interaction between this invisible struggle to see who is more proper or funnier: high school boys or high school girls. Yet, there are various incidents where there does not need to be any form of violence between the two sides to get the point of comedy across. The main girl I am talking out here is Yassan, more prominently known as literature girl. Whenever she and Hidenori meets at the same slope near the riverbank or any other conventional spot, hilarity is automatically a given. Almost no words are directly spoken, but we can tell that both sides are going to be in for a wild ride, whether they like it or not. Of course, what is funny is the action that takes place between them, thus giving viewers a good laugh and possibly a cute moment thrown here and there. My second favorite character is most likely Habara. Habara was once known as the biggest bully in town, decimating boys and girls along her path. It had to take the strongest kids group together to bring her down, despite the fight ending as a draw. After that, Habara took a nicer route, trying to better herself as a woman so that everyone can see her more proper. Sadly, hilarity happens when none of the boys want to be romantically with her since all remember the trauma she had placed on them long ago. While Habara still has a ways to go to get the boys attention in a different way, the road to get there is a lot harder than she may have perceived.

Overall, i find this to be an amusing show that is pretty straight forward without much need of a reference point. For people who are looking for a good laugh, I would definitely recommend them to watch this show. It is one of the possible few that may get a majority of the viewers off of their feet with giggles all about. It really is a shame that it is not as widely accepted as it should, but maybe someone who reads this can spread the message to other people, and, hopefully, the receivers will also have a lot of fun here as much as I did.


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