Aquarion Evol: Episode 14

A 180 degree turn in terms of emotion and background feeling can be see within this episode. Here, we honor the deaths of those who had died thanks to Karura’s arrival. To many, death can bring out many emotions one would not naturally show: feelings of loss, anxiety, and, to a certain level, despair. Some have their lives change because of it. Naturally, they are soldiers of war, so death would always lurk in their back door, but the thoughts of it would shatter a few brains and make them leave the academy. While Mix was angry, there can be nothing done with it, for it is their choice to decide whether they want to go on or not. And, who can blame them for being scared? For those who stayed, they must continue on to a more intense journey than ever faced.

While everyone is hurt about the deaths of their friends and the fear of death itself, the one most truly affected by it is Yunoha, the one who carried a strong form of love for her. However, if her emotions override her sense of judgement, she will truly disappear for good. Of course, she was not at the funeral because she does not want to say goodbye to Jin just yet, Mikono snapped her back to reality, wanting to at least see him off while not saying anything. Even with that in mind, the thoughts of her time with Jin would cloud Yunoha’s judgement. Not just Yunoha, but Amata and Sharde were showing signs of disarray. Sharde has a reason, for he blames himself for the death of her parents, but Amata sees the hologram of Alicia from Jin’s device, wondering if his mother was now at Jin’s side in heaven.

And so, they were bought to Neo-Stanley for a burial, but it is going to be more than just that, As soon as they buried their friends, Fudo gives them a test to see how long they can be in a near death experience by being buried alive. Naturally, everyone is against this, since it would be a disgrace to those whom have died today. Yet, when Sharde and Yunoha accept the task for their own reasons, everyone else follows along, expect for Mikono. She does not believe in Fudo’s ways of thinking and called such an act shameless, but Fudo does not mind if she hates him. Minutes have passed, and all were experiencing what it was like to be in a near death state. However, to be near death can cause one to be insane, and before they reached that point, several students decided to break free. However, the main cast stays, in hopes that something would benefit out of this; however, slowly, even they will start to slip away to become actually dead. This is fueled by the idea of isolation, regret, and relief. For Amata, he does not want to live in a world where those he loves abandons them. For Yunoha, if it means being with Jin forever, she will gladly disappear.

Mikono finds this training to be absurd and does her best to try to save everyone, but her efforts were proven useless. Not wanting this any holder, her power to connect activates. It  is not so much as to unite with those who can fuse to create Aquarion, but also it creates the power to connect the living with the dead, if only temporarily. Here, they hear Jin’s voice, telling all, especially Yunoha to move on and live the life that they want. Answering to the call, Mikono magnifies her power. Her ability to union with others dramatically increases without the use of a vector. Those who remained buried in the ground are brought back to the surface, renewed and swept away from the desires of death that once overcame them.

Of course, what good would this be without understanding the other side of Altair. Mikage uses Jin’s death most likely to bring about war between it an Vega as well as drawing out the Aquarion buried deep within Vega. Izumo knew Mikage killed Jin and is highly afraid of what may come in the future, now that everyone is aroused by this. Mikage had plans of his own, mimicking the idea of being in a near-death state with Kagura, who had no choice since he was bounded and tied. At the very end, Kagura would appear with them from the ground by his own power. With his unneeded introduction that ruined a solemn mood set up for the episode, things look to take yet another turn for the worse in Neo-Denva’s side.


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