KBM Male Division 2012: Restarted

I just checked the website on a whim, and, to my surprise, the contest has been restarted. I guess there are some people who really wanted to see this through to the end. Then again, the site members probably waited until everything has died down and chose a safe time to restart so as to not cause any more sorts of misunderstandings outsiders may take on this. However, upon voting, there seems to be some stricter rules as to how one is supposed to vote here. Apparently, only those who are considered “level 2” or higher are able to vote here. My guess is that, at this point, this has gone to a now condensed form of a forum-style tournament, judging by the low numbers provided thus far. This is technically supposed to be a test run, so I do not know whether it is right to comment on the matches. Considering that this is still going, maybe it might not hurt to give out some sort of commentary, but because of this stricter rule-set, it appears that I am unable to vote in this KBM for now, similar to how I was unable to vote in AST last year. In any case, at least, I can try to call as spectator, although it may be harder to speculate since there is no English version of the characters name. I will have to go by memory based on their pictures, and possibly Google, to deduct who they are and who won or lost.


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