Spring 2012 Anime and First Impressions

Watching a few of the series provided this spring, I have to admit some of the shows caught me off guard while the rest had the expected feel as well as the smooth sailing and impact that the show has given me. Here, I will discuss various titles that I have watched thus far provided this spring and my initial impressions of them:

Kore wa Zombie Desuka? Of the Dead – Nothing new was provided, but nothing old was left out. The first episode started out much similarly as its first counterpart, and, I will admit, I was not disappointed. It really is great that something like this came back for another round, and I was laughing near every moment of it. I am expecting great things from it as much as I have had the enjoyment of watching its first season parent.

Medaka Box – It was about as expected of a first episode. I was prepared with all of the random artwork after having much history with Gainax’s way of producing things. The first episode provided a clean introduction as to what this show was about and looks to stay in this road for more to come. The relationship between some of the class members interest me greatly, and I would be looking forward to see just how many people Medeka will help out every single person along with every task in hand.

Nazo no Kanojo X – I truly was not disappointed upon watching the first episode of this series. Seeing this gave me a ’90’s vibe thanks to the artwork created for it. The flow was perfect, the set-up was great, and, disregarding the drool, despite having major importance to the story itself, it is treated like any other nice old-school romanced themed show. I am highly interested in this and will be following it with somewhat careful deduction.

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia – If anything caught me off-guard, it was the fact that this was not just had a horror theme, but also a bit of comedy with a possibly of a harem immediately implemented at the start of the series. The randomness of direction as well as it’s type of artwork, as soon as I figured out this was made by Silver Link, I knew exactly what I was in for. What was interesting is that the show started off in what I believed to be the middle of its series because of the immediate start and low introduction, if any, of the characters who were present. I am highly suspecting that the second and possibly third episode would be dedicated to what happened before the first episode that eventually led them to where they are right now. In any case, all of the horror themes may come by in the next few episodes, along with some laughter and a few misunderstood positioning.

Sankarea – The first episode was able to set fully what the premise of the anime was about. The main focus is on a boy with a huge interest on the dead, in this case, zombies, and is known to collect anything related to it such as zombie movies, figurines, and the like. When his cat dies, and he attempts to revive it, he meets a girl who hates her life and wishes to be reborn as a new person. While the boy introduces necromancy to her, he was not actually thinking that she would take his advice seriously. But, what exactly would happen is she did indeed is and be reborn as a zombie. A possible forbidden? relationship is in the horizon.

Acchi Kocchi – I came to watch this anime and expected nothing but a normal romance type anime. What I got was that and so much more. Never have I seen such a cute form of artwork since Lucky Star. And no, I have not watched Dog Days or Hidamari Sketch. The artwork and the character designs were so cute, I almost died from how moe everything and everyone was. The group of five friends was very fun to watch with some of the normal tropes in reverse or made fun of. I had a good laugh in almost every second of the show. I was highly impressed by its execution and will thoroughly watch this show with much enjoyment to come.

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san – Having watched “season 1” and “season 2” of this series (in parenthesis because both were web comics with 1 having two minute long episodes and 2 with five min), I was expecting much laughter as well as various randomness. To make a long story short, it provided. Everything was happening so quickly and randomly that it was hilarious to watch. The various references it made with the Lovecraft series as well as various other media and quirks placed me on the edge of my seat with laughter non-stop. Truly, I am glad that they have finally decided to fully animate this show, and I am not disappointed with how it first presented itself to the audience. I am expecting great things with it as well as much laughter along the way.

Fate/Zero Season 2 – Much less of a Season 2 and more so as an immediate continuation of the first season. Having the series separated into two parts may have not been the smartest decision, but as long as it was created, I am content. Fate/Zero wasted no time reminding us where we left off in terms of episode 13 and immediately went back to bringing out the action and well as philosophy of the Holy Grail and the like. I hope that, finally, the wait was worth it, and the ending with be solid and meet its said dues.

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