ISML 2012: Preliminary 3: Day 2 Fantasy/Prediction

Once more, it is one last shot for several of these girls to obtain a chance to be in ISML. Once more will I talk about various matches that are either close or may change the tide of how some of these matches are going to look like in the long run:

Arena 4 – I am not expecting much from this match, since either will fall victim to Asami’s music, but I thought this match would be interesting in terms of power. To me, both of them seem to be close in terms of strength, and I would not be that surprised if the results come out to be close. Then again, I think Toshinō Kyōko should have a fairly nice edge over Shiina Mayuri, but it will be interesting to see what will become of this match-up.

Arena 12 – Arena 12 will be may main eyesight for what the match would reveal to us. To me, I am sure it will be no surprise that Shionji Yūko (Alice) would not only stop on Miki Sayaka, but also trample of her until her heart is content. This is probably the final push Miki has to get to her goal. Suzutsuki Kanade is not really that strong for a third place finisher, so the winner of this one might get a lucky break and possibly beat Kanade when she least expects it. The question comes as to who is able to take up the task. Again, my sight is set that Yuuko is going to win this one, so PMMM girls need much campaigning if they want their Blue Ranger to win.

Arena 15 – Another match with a possible “anything goes” type of style. I say this because I truly do not know the power of Honma Meiko. Assuming that she is that weak, it looks like her match with Akaza Akari might be closer than I perceived it to me. Now, Akari is supposed to be weak, but paired up against Mena, and I can see her having a chance of actually beating her to try to make it to the top. The sad part is that neither of them might be able to defeat Shinomiya Ayase in the finals, but if it is for the wish to have an all out war to the main stage, what has either of them got to lose?

Arena 17 – Another personal favorite of mine, and I think both of them are pretty equal in terms of strength. Nisemonogatari sadly did nothing for Hanekawa Tsubasa even with the first part of Karen’s arc having some emphasis on Tsubasa’s after story. Lala Satalin Deviluke has nothing going on for her thus far, yet still maintained some staying power from this point on. While I am guessing that Tsubasa is going to win, I am expecting this match to be somewhat close.

Arena 29 – Arena 29 might also play as a key feature to how the match is going to go. Let us assume that Hecate still has the raw power she possesses from the Final Season boost. If it still lingers, Hecate, will be the winner. If not, there is a chance that she might lose her possible last shot to get it in. Hecate’s best option is to fight against Alice in the end in order to get a decent chance at Regular Season. If she is placed with Okazaki Ushio, things might get a little grim. Ushio already has experience on what it was like to be in ISML. While not going as greatly as she should, she still has more experience than what Hecate can muster. If Shana fans want Hecate to have some smooth sailing to Regular Season, they would have to vote for Alice as well in order for the victory to be confirmed. If Ushio wins, I am expecting a tight match at the end of this one.


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