KBM Round of 96: Results 13-16 (Restarted)

Group 13 – Editing in Progress

With a little intuition and a forceful demeanor to get his say going, Takano Masamune (68) just manages to get the field on his side before things started to look bleak. If Killua Zoldyck (65) had just one more hour, he may gave gotten things into his hands. However, time ran out, and he only managed to take second place. As for Kurumizawa Ume (49), it is bags of luggage for her, whether she likes it or not.

Group 14 – Sounds of the Blades

Swords were truly flying all over the place in a match such as this where all three of the contestants are great swordsman. Saito Hajime and Hijikata Toshiro were swinging wildly at each other, with each person not giving an inch to the other. Hajime had the upper hand in the first round, but Toshiro was able to come over with a strong counter attack. In the end, however, it would be Hajime (84) that would give Toshiro (80) a great fight, but a loss for the former Top 16 competitor. As for Heisuke Toudou (12), he was left crawling on the floor.

Group 15 – Power Game

Masaomi Kida (93) wasted little time proving why he was the runner-up of the last KBM tournament Kida easily laid Shouta Kisa (59) to waste as well as give Endou Mamoru (24) an unpleasant chance of a lifetime. Is there nothing that can stop Kida from going after the title again?

Group 16 – Playing Doctor

Never fight against a doctor who knows the trades of underground healing. That is what Kishitani Shinra (80) was when he was able to perform things that no one would assume possible to the men he was going to face. Sanji (67) was supposed to be Top 8 material, but after this match, he was rarely seen going outside again. As for Shinji Hirako (28), he was never seen again. Period.


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