KBM Round of 96: Results 5-8 (Restarted)

Group 5 – Spirited Away

Takashi Natsume (93) wasted no time showing why he has what it takes to make it to the top. Natsume easily demolished Mouri Ran (31) and Onodera Ritsu (30) just to show the two of them why he is considered one of the odds on favorites in winning this entire bout. Natsume is most likely using the remainder of his time celebrating with the rest of his ghost friends for a smooth victory.

Group 6 – Seeing Double

Never judge a character based on appearance alone. That was what Tweedle Dee (87) taught his opponents when they were looking down at him. Shikamaru Nara (47) probably took him as a child by accident; therefore, he was unable to foresee what was about to happen to him next. Otose (9) easily fell for the taunt, thus the reason why she was quickly eliminated in the early goings of the match.

Group 7 – Heart of Gold

Kazehaya Shouta (87) proved once more that he was not a member of the Top 4 previously by mistake. Katsura Kotaro (36) may need to learn from him instead of trying to change the world by dirtying his and other people’s hands. As for Shanks (24), it looks like his sense of good-will was not enough to overcome that of Shouta.

Group 8 – Keep the Fire Burning

The competition is already getting hot now that Roy Mustang (70) has entered the playing field in the Round of 32. Rononoa Zoro (43) sadly was unable to keep up with the heat, thus and no choice but to stop at the point where he is currently. Ichirouta Kazemaru (32) was also unable to withstand the fire that Roy brought to the table and had no choice but to take a leave.

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