KBM Round of 96: Results 9-12 (Restarted)

Group 9 – As sweet as can be

Kurusu Shou (81) pulled off a very bountiful victory against characters like Yamazaki Sagaru (23), who should have been tough competition for him, but Sagura was stomped. I guess that is what one should expect from a Top 16 competitor like him. Then again, Nura Rihan (34) was not able to get close, but still managed to beat someone of Toshirou’s level. Things might get interesting.

Group 10 – The Man with Most Pride

And that man can be none other than Archer (4th) (83) himself. With a score like that, it is of no wonder that he wishes to be better than that he assumes are pawns that should be below him. Sadly, Monkey D. Luffy (45) was unable to serve well for his crew. Nor could Kuchiki Byakuya (14) exemplify what the pride of his clan means to him. Archer (4th) is on his way to mass destruction.

Group 11 – Eyes of Inception

Akise Aru (72) wasted little time trying to deduct the best method used to defeat the opponent. Once he found it, the match was over before it could begin. Kurosaki Ichigo (45) fell victim to one of his traps as well as Sato Miwako (21), who was not paying attention, thus falling victim as well. The question is how many tricks can be play until he runs out of things to do?

Group 12 – Intelligence is Bliss

Kudo Shinichi (67) wasted little time entering the competition with a plan on his mind. Using his incredible deductive reasoning, Hijikata Toshizou (39) and Usui Kazuyoshi (33), no matter how intelligent they were themselves, was not smart enough to hack through what was going through the mind of Shinichi. One mistake was all it took, and Shinichi capitalized on it.


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