Kore Wa Zombie Desuka? Of The Dead: Episode 1

Kore Wa Zombie Desuka? Of The Dead hits off in almost the exact same light as its first season counterpart. Here, we get a short introduction of who everyone is as well as the immediate notion that Aikawa Ayumu is a zombie. Every school day turns out to be the same for him, rather dull and boring. At one point, Ayumu dries up from the sunlight, thus taken to the infirmary. What catches him off-guard is the the young woman with frilly clothing obtaining some medicine from the counter. The young woman was apparently drunk and left almost as soon as he woke up. He confronts this with everyone else, but all of them think they are lying. Ayumu retaliates that all three of them, meaning Haruna, Seraphim, and Eucliwood Hellscythe, are a part of the occult as well and should not consider what he saw a fake. However, he does speculate whether or not the girl exist or not.

Another day at school, another boring day for Aikawa. Before leaving. Eu tells him to be careful on the way to school, which activates his imagination mode on what he believes she wanted to say to him. To add a little spice in his life, Yoshida Yuki brings him a prepared bento for him to eat and was about to put layers of condiments on it before Aikawa stopped her. Later, that afternoon, Hiramatsu Taeko asked why he was still here, to which he responded that he liked the way the sun set from his seat. Of course, he could not say he cannot go outside because he would shrivel up. That night, he prepares to leave when he feels an aura that was about the same as his serial killer from back then. Ayumu answers the call, but it turns out to be the mysterious girl that he met just yesterday. The two of them manage to chat for a while, but the young woman was drunk, and Ayumu, who was supposedly drinking water, was acting drunk as well. Ayumu asks if he can talk to her again, but the woman disappears. He discusses what happened to the three of them, but again, they would not believe him. Meanwhile, Sarasvati believes that chaos will befall the city once again.

The next day, Orito reveals a magazine cover of Ayumu from behind in a magical girl outfit from back then. Mihara Kanami thinks that the magical girl is Ayumu, but Taeko believes that Ayumu would not do such a thing, much to his dismay. Ayumu immediately denies this and leaves, running to the lab where he last saw the young woman. However, instead of almost eloping with the young woman, he was confronted with a squid-like megalo who was at school trying to sense the powers of the magical girl. Haruna comes to the rescue and manages to transform into her magical girl attire. However, all but her back was fully clothed with her magical girl transformation. The squid was about to attack, but Ayumu rams it to the outside. Everyone was gathering to see what had happened, but the quid took Taeko as captive. Because they were outside, Ayumu might reveal the fact that he was a zombie. However, Haruna gives him Mystletainn to transform such that it would not be revealed.

Ayumu calls out the spell and transforms into his magical girl from. Everyone immediately started to take pictures and videos of him. Ayumu attacked the megalo, but Mystletainn stated that they should power up to truly take it down. Ayumu calls out more power and transforms into a cuter version of himself. All over the globe, people were responding to what they saw during his fight with the megalo. Ayumu jumps in the air and performs the Mystletainn Kick, completely destroying the megalo. Unable to hold the embarrassment any longer, he asks Mystletainn to erase their memory, but due to the recoil of the fight, Mystletainn breaks, which would mean that everyone will surely remember his change in formation as well as when he turns naked due to the loss of power.


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