Medaka Box: Episode 1

Welcome to Hakoniwa Academy, home of some of the strongest running sports department around. Leading the entire school is none other Kurokami Medaka, a first year student who easily became the student council president by an unprecedented 98% majority of the student body. If that is not something to boast about, I do not know what will. However, hidden behind this young lady with such a massive leader-like aura is a heart bigger than one would imagine. She is ready to help out anyone and everyone who is willing to place their questions and concerns in the suggestion box so that she can help those in trouble.

While she may have a big heart, Hitoyoshi Zenkichi believes her personality is exhausting to be around with. Having spend most of his time with her since the age of two, Zenkichi knows Medaka very well. However, it is because of this that Zenkichi does not want to be a part of the student council, so as not to work, more so, not to be with her as her dog 24/7. Although he says as such, Medaka manages to drag him into the student council and assigns him his first task, much to his dismay. Medaka wants him to be by her side during her reign as student body president, among other things. Zenkichi wanted to live a normal school life, but Medaka stated that she did not just “dragged him” into her problems. She wanted him to be beside her when those problems arise.

The first task of the student council was taking care of some goons in the kendo club, all of which are third year students. Medaka immediately assumed that they grew up with a poor background, thus the reason why they are acting in such a way. Although the punks were nothing near what Medaka was describing, each of them tried to attack her, but Medaka easily passed by them while holding all of their information cards. What they do not know is that Medaka is very efficient when it comes to sports; in this case, her art in kendo was immensely overriding the spirits of the goons. Zenkichi states that this is the type of personality that Medaka had from the start. No matter how poorly someone was portrayed, Medaka would only see the good in them and will do whatever it takes to shape them back to the person whom she assumed they once were.

The next day, Medaka awaits the return of those punks, but Zenkichi states that none of them are coming back after the beating that she has given them. Much to his surprise, not only did everyone come back, but they were in proper kendo attire as well. It seemed as though Medaka had the unusual charm of getting the good side out of a person’s heart. As the goons were practicing kendo with Medaka, Zenkichi states that there was currently no nee for him to be around her now that his part of the mission was over. What Zenkichi was not aware of was that someone, with a bokken, struck him from behind, knocking him unconscious. Apparently, it was the same person who asked to send the goons out.

Hyuga wasted little time easily defeating everyone who was at the kendo club. Apparently, he was a very strong kendo player, but because he continued to fight with everyone to test his strength, he was kicked out of the club. He came to this school to practice kendo alone, but found some people there and beat them up to their current state. One of the punks was reminded that he was one a part of the kendo club and understands what it was like to fight with his opponents with honor and respect. The rest of the goons agreed and point their sticks at him, but Hyuga believes that all of their efforts are useless. Zenkichi, inspired by the punk’s words, decided to help them out inside of walking casually away after being knocked out. Hyuga states that she is a poor president that does not know what is right for the students, but Zenkichi states that everything she does is so right and perfect that it sickens him to understand just how great she is. Hyuga attempts to strike him, but Zenkichi gives him a viscous blow to the face that knocks him out cold, telling him that anyone who insults Medaka would answer to him. Later that day, Hyuga vows revenge against Zenkichi, but Medaka overhears this. She tells him that she came here to fix his personality by order of one of the messages in the suggestion box. Medaka wastes no time in trying to fix his personality, much to his dismay.

In the end, Zenkichi just cannot let go of Medaka. He knows that she is like, and she to him. Because they are so in sync with each other, whether they realize it or not, Medaka wants him to he with her no matter what happens. She is glad that he is done everything behind the scenes for her sake and is always watching over her. She wants him to help her create a room where flowers will forever bloom. Zenkichi tells her that he will work under her so that she can see what flower view not just inside the room, but throughout the entire campus. Medaka thanks him gratefully, but they need to start small in order to have their name well known.


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