Recorder To Randseru: Episode 14

It’s a new school semester, and Atsushi is very excited into coming back to school again. He sees that various new students are coming to school and is quite glad that all of them are very cute. As he goes to school, Atsushi is greeted by several students, to which he answers with a smile on his face. However, what Atsushi was not prepared for was that many of the new students thought that he was a teacher, which made sense due to his height. All of the new students that surrounded him barrage him with questions as well as his authority. Atsushi tried to calm all of them down and tell them that he was not a teacher, but none of them seemed to be listening. It had to take Moriyama-sensei to calm them down and get them to go to class. While Atsushi was relieved that they have all calmed down, it seemed as though his status as a teacher did not disappear. Moriyama-sensei told them that he was not a teacher. One of them asks if he was her boyfriend, but Moriyama-sense quickly denies this.

At around the same time, Atsumi was having her problems with the new students of her school. It was not really a problem as much as it was their first impressions on her. Most to all of the new students of her school believed that she was a grade-schooler who had skipped grades to get to where she was today. Atsumi did not really like that idea, so Sayo attempt to clear up any misunderstanding of her. Sayo confronted with the new students and told them that she was not only a proper high-school student, but her sister as well. Sayo went on to tell them everything that she knew about her, which bored them all to leave her. Sayo was surprised they all left, but Atsumi was just that the thought of trying to help her was counted.


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