Acchi Kocchi: Episode 1

A lone girl was waiting outside a train station, all bundled up due to the cold winter day. She was practicing what to say to whomever she was bound to meet at the station. Much to her surprise, the boy in question that she wanted to see greets her as she was practicing what to say to him. The boy asks if she wanted to go to school together with him, to which she answers yes while heaving a beat-red face. The boy’s name was Otonashi Io; the girl, Miniwa Tsumiki. Together, along with their circle of friends, they provide a cute rendition of an everyday story about their rather normal life.

Io, being oblivious to Tsumiki’s interest in him, walks a bit faster than her. To compensate, Tsumiki tries to grab on his coat, but Katase Mayoi and Haruno Hime enter the scene. Mayoi easily teases Tsumiki, telling her that she and Hime saw what she was about to do with Io, which causes her to retaliate on Hime. However, Tsumiki is getting cold, so Io decides to give her his scarf, only to make things worse. In front of the school, they see Kikue-sensei heading to school, but as she greeted them, she slipped on a banana peel and fell. Io and Mayoi commented on the fall, stating that Hime would be the only other person capable of doing that. Hime tries to see Kikue-sensei’s condition, only to fall on a frozen puddle. Inui Sakaki quickly checks to see if everyone was alright.

At school, Io, Tsumiki, Mayoi, and Hime enter the classroom, but it was very chilly. Mayoi immediately went on to fix the heater and was about to crank the heat to 500 degrees Celsius until the three stopped her. At homeroom, Kikue-sensei was giving out sweets from her trip to everyone. Mayoi asked if she went with her boyfriend, which made her cry because she did not. Mayoi tried to cheer her up, but it made things worse. During class, Mayoi was commenting on Io’s fast pen spinning. Kikue-sensei tried to quiet the two of them, but the chalk aimed for Io was shot at Mayoi.

During break, Hime, Tsumiki, and Mayoi were about to get some drinks until Tsumiki bumped into Io. Tsumiki was able to tell it was Io based on his smell, which Mayoi commented on, causing Tsumiki to be embarrassed. The three were looking at cat pictures when Io commented on liking pets. Hime asked about Tsumiki, so Io immediately started to pet her. Hime asks if Tsumiki was interested in pets. Tsumiki wanted to deny it, but Mayoi made it sound like she wanted to be Io’s pet, causing Hime to get a nosebleed. Tsumiki easily got angry and started to pull her hair. Sakaki entered the classroom and wanted Mayoi to check the PA system. Mayoi immediately went to check the PA system, only to make a joke about it in the end. During lunch, the five were sharing food with each other. Mayoi was told they were scolded, to which Sakaki claimed that they jumped from the second floor to ground level just to get to a deal from the lunch line. After lunch, Sakaki wanted to go to the arcade, but Mayoi was missing. Hime stated that Mayoi wanted to check the PA system again, and Tsimiki and Io commented on her inability to use technology. Mayoi did use the PA system, but only for an introduction.

Classes were over, and Io and Sakaki headed towards the arcade. To both of their surprise, Mayoi, Hime, and Tsumiki were following from behind. The five of them have not been together like this for a long time, so all wanted to make the best out of it. Sakaki and Io were going to play a fighting arcade against each other, but Sakaki finds out that he lost to Tsumiki. Hime wanted to try out a crane game and was playing one until she did not know what to do next, causing everyone to flip. Tsumiki appeared as though she wanted a certain doll, to which Io easily obtains for her. While Tsumiki was glad to have it, she stated otherwise, allowing Sakaki and Mayoi to act upon her tsundere line. After that was an intense game of air hockey between Tsumiki with Io and Mayoi with Sakaki. The two sides were playing until there was no more air in the table. Surprised that there was a time limit instead of a score limit, they asked if Hime wanted to try it out, but she was too scared after their intense game. As they were leaving, Tsumiki and Io pass by a photo booth. Io jokingly asked if she wanted to try it with him, but Tsumiki wanted to. During the shoot, Tsumiki was too short to be in the picture, so Io lifted her up such that the two would be together. The show ends with Mayoi and Sakaki commenting on the two while Hime gets a nosebleed.


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