Fate/Zero: Episode 14

And Fate/Zero immediately kicks off from where it left off, not for a split second missing any type of beat. The battle between “everyone” against Caster (a.k.a Bluebeard, a.k.a.Gilles de Rais) intensifies as Caster continues to provide as much mana as he can to the monster of lore Cthulhu himself. But, who exactly is “everyone”? Lancer (a.k.a  Diarmuid Ua Duibhne) for the most part did nothing in regards to fighting and is mostly seen with a cameo appearance just standing there. At least Irisviel von Einzbern was giving Saber (a.k.a Arturia Pendragon, a.k.a. “King Arthur”) some of her healing magic, if anything. Saber and Rider (a.k.a. Iskander, a.k.a Alexander the Great) was seen doing most of the fighting, with Saber cutting up as much as she could while Rider tramples along everything in its path. However, the regeneration power exceeds that of their damage, and Cthulhu continues to crawl closer to the shore. The sad part is that civilians were starting to get close to the shore to see what has happening. They say that creatures are drawn to their curiosity, and that sadly happens not only in every given media/entertainment, but also in real life. We are sadly drawn to whatever interest us, and sometimes, what we are attracted to snares us into a trap and snaps are reality shut. Frankly, that will most likely be the case for those near the shore, but uncontrolled panic is not the best option as well. To make matters worse, the military is getting in on a supposedly secretive and magical environment. Of course, they were easy work for the monster. Is there any way to stop this thing?

Teamwork is essential in getting a job done, but there seems to be none in this case. Rather, there is a lack of any form of teamwork at all. They have the team (Saber, Rider, Lancer), and they have a plan, but they lack the manpower to get that plan into effect. Sadly, no one else seems to be coming to their aid successfully. Kotomine Kirei is too focused on Emiya Kiritsugu next move to help, and he is unable to use Assassin (a.k.a.  Hassan-i Sabbah) since he is gone with thanks to Rider’s ability in the first half of the series. Tousaka Tokiomi wishes to get this debacle over with before it gets too out-of-hand, but Archer (a.k.a Gilgamesh) was by no means wanting to cooperate with the beings lower than him who want to take the monster down. Clearly, this was not the time to care about one’s pride and Tokiomi begs him to help. Archer does, but throws four weapons at it. While the attack slowed it down, it, by no means killed the creature. Tokiomi tells him to stop fooling around, but Archer states that he already wasted some of his weapons on what he considered a tainted being. Tokiomi was clearly angry since time was running short and had the idea of using his command seal to force him to use his Noble Phantasm on it, but chose not to on a strategic standpoint, for it will sever the relationship he had with Archer to win the Holy Grail. As for Berserker, whose identity continues to remain unknown, his order was to defeat Archer by order of Matou Kariya.

If anything, the highlight of his episode was not only the air raid between Archer and Beserker, of which consisted most of the fighting at this time, but also the philosophical ideals of Tokiomi and Kariya. Both used to be such good acquaintances with each other through Tokiomi’s wife, who was Kariya’s childhood friend, but ever since Sakura was given to the Matou family, things changed. To Kariya, what Tokiomi did was selfish and undeserving. He knows more than anyone the type of life Sakura would had to go through had she had been adopted into the Matou family. Kariys despises the fact that he chose to give up his daughter without her consent not the rest of the family. Tokiomi, however, claims that this was the best decision he could make. He states that a mage family can only have one successor; however, his wife had bore him two daughters, both of whom have excellent potential as magicians. For Tokiomi, it was either to choose one to cultivate while the other gradually loses her ability or send one for adoption to a well-known magical family to make use of her powers. In a magician’s point of view, he chose the latter, for it would make him a happy man as a father to see two well-developed daughters in the future. Kariya thinks that mindset is total garbage, asking what would happen if the two were to fight. Tomoki claims that as a magician, it would be the greatest thing to see. Kariya states that he is mad, but Tokiomi thinks he himself does not understand this since the chose not to have anything to do with magic, yet stands in his presence. Kariya states that he will kill him and Zouken for Sakura’s sake. Tokiomi claims that one needs to take care of himself and thinks of the well-being of oneself only. Anyone who thinks otherwise is not human.

Clearly, the above dialogues was a clash between duty (Tokiomi) and morality (Kariya). In terms of who executed their debate better, I would have to go with Tokiomi, not only because he pretty much did most of the talking, but his explanation and execution of such a speech was very spot on, to the point, and well done. Tokiomi seems to think of nothing more but his ancestry, having everything he has done done for the sake of his magical affinity. Kariya would have many people in the moral sense side with him. Although most of his speech were questions as well as stating that his words are false, Kariya did choose not to be a part of this whole debacle and wanted to live a normal and happy life with Sakura and Rin. Because that was overall taken, Kariya would force himself back to the mage world and temporarily gain enough magic to fight for the reunion of the two sisters. Who will win is the question, but if I had to guess, it would be Tokiomi.

Of course, let’s not forget what the two of them were supposed to be doing, that is, taking care of Caster become things are turned awry. However, that is almost mostly said and done with as Kiritsugu would shoot Uryuu Ryuunosuke down. Ryuunosuke was so excited about wanting Caster to kill more people that he forgot the basic rule of defending himself and not exposing his identity too eagerly. Ryuunosuke was wide open, and Kiritsugu took advantage of it. It was only when he was shot that Ryuunosuke realized that the joys that he had been seeking for were not in others but in and of himself. He temporarily gains some sense of humility and humanity before being ultimately killed by Kiritsugu by sniper gunshot. Caster knew that he was dead, but continued to fight for his sake. Now, it was a matter of time to see how fast he can get to shore to steal more energy before he runs out of it while still at the river. Time was not on either of their sides, and both sides need to do something quick, or else things would tip over to the other side’s victory.


2 thoughts on “Fate/Zero: Episode 14

  1. “he is unable to reveal Assassin (a.k.a. Hassan-i Sabbah) since he is “dead” despite having many more of him/them roaming about as scouts.”

    As of episode 11, ALL the Assassins are effectively dead, having been turned into nothing by Iskandar’s Reality Marble.

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