Haiyore! Nyaruko-san: Episode 1

The world turns into another dimension. The sky turns dark, and the moon shines a red light. A lone boy was running away from a demon supposedly chasing after him and him alone. The boy continues to run, but finds himself at a dead end. He shouts for help. In a split second, a girl from out of nowhere uses her bare hands to sever the demon in half. The boy’s name was Yasaka Mahiro. The girl’s name was Nyarlathotep. Together, along with other mythical beats, they provide us the wacky lifestyle between humans and aliens.

Immediately, Nyarlathotep, or Nyaruko for short, makes herself at home on the very next day, eating breakfast as well as watching TV. Mahiro wanted some answers, and wanted them quickly. Nyaruko was part of an organization dedicated to protect the things going on space. In the case of Mahiro, he was a target for human trafficking. Thus, Nyaruko was sent to protect him to prevent any demons from capturing them. The two run to a shopping district where Nyaruko, who was supposed to be protecting him, goes on a major shopping spree. Apparently, Earth was a place that many aliens wanted to go to, so it was almost an honor for them to work at something at earth. However, that was not the only reason she wanted to come to earth. Nyaruko fell in love with a picture of Mahiro, thus wanted to take the job no matter what and was very pleased with the type of personality he has. Of course, this small moment of romance would quickly end when a demon was directly behind them. Nyaruko would kick the demon in the nether region while proceeding to bash its head with a brick until it disappears. Mahiro wanted to thank her, so Nyaruko wanted a kiss from him, which was answers with a fork on her head.

The next day was a school day, so Mahiro thought that he was a bit vulnerable without her presence but was overall glad that she was not always by his side 24/7. This would easily change, however, as the new transfer student to his class happened to be Nyaruko. It seems as though she will be with him even through school. Yoichi Takehiko commented on her polished abilities while Kurei Tamao wanted to find out what exactly is his relationship with Nyaruko. Clearly there would be no rest for Mahiro anytime soon. At lunch, Nyaruko made a bento for Mahiro to eat. He was reluctant at first, but ate it none the less. He was surprised it was good asked what was used for it. When Nyaruko did not respond, he was about to go to the bathroom to throw it up before Nyaruko stopped him. Nyaruko then promised to make him a BLT sandwhich, BLT standing for a Byakhee, Lloigor, and Tsathoggua sandwich.

During class, a demon was prepared to capture him from outside. Nyaruko was sleeping, so Mahiro was forced to wake her up roughly. The two go to the rooftop to confront with the beast. Nyaruko takes out a ball from her breast pocket and summons a creature to confront the demon, but the creature easily loses. Nyaruko had no choice but to use a crowbar to easily cut the demon into pieces. That night, to relieve the already wacky school day, Mahiro decides to take a long bath, but Nyaruko wishes to take part it in the bath, to which she received a fork to her head once more.


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