KBM Round of 96: Results 17-20 (Restarted)

Group 17 – Above the Lower Class

Ciel Pantomhive (98) quickly wasted no time proving his dominance in the moe world. Knocking out two weak Gintama representatives Tatsuma Sakamoto (36) and Mutsu (4), Ciel would like to tell his opponents that anyone who dares try to take him not most be doubly sure that they are not already weak in terms of competition.

Group 18 – Demonic Getaway

And by one vote, Okimura Rin (57) was able to bypass his opponent Kaname Tanuma (56) for the victory. This little demon is already gone far before the restart and would not like it if everything that had happened was going to go to waste. Decimating Toyama Kazuha (31) as well, this demon boy is not about to let some people get the best of him for what he is now.

Group 19 – Devilish Catwalk

A very close match all-around, but in the end, it would be Nyanko-sensei (54) who would be able to get the victory. Sebastian Michaelis (48), although a butler stated to perform his task perfectly, was unable to answer the call in the long run. Nura Rikuo (41) was taken out of the running as well for his inability to use his powers properly. If two high class demons are unable to take care of a ghost cat, who will?

Group 20 – Illusion Shattered

This is not a dream Kamijou Touma (62), you actually were able to come out of the top after defeating some well-class fighters of their own. Okita Sougi (55) was unable to defeat him given is amazing skill and ability with his sword. Doumeki Shizuka (25) was unable to use his spirit powers this time to take out his opponents. In the end, it was Touma and his fist that was able to destroy ‘s sword as well as Shizuka’s power.


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