ISML Preliminary 3: Day 3 Results

The day of dawning is here. It is time to see which half of the 72 contestants have made it in and which are forced to be sent packing to try again next year. All of these girls have done as much as they can. They have done very far, but someone is going to go big while the other is to be sent back to where they came from. The world lies in wait to see the numbers that will eventually appear on the screen that shows which of the girls made it in. Finally, the results are in. Here are some of my thoughts on some of the results portrayed in today’s matches:

Arena 4: Arena 4 was a true shame, really. Both Nakagawa Kanon and Hotogi Shirayuki were Top 36 material and could have easily replaced any of the weaker characters that advanced to Regular Season. Sadly, only one of them had to make it in, and that girl would be today’s idol Kanon. It really is a shame, since I can see Shirayuki going not as far as what one would want, but far enough to say that she was able to make her mark here in ISML. The fire maiden would be missed.

Arena 5: See the above picture, and you can understand why I had to comment on this match. The match in and of itself was truly inspiring and beautiful, with both characters literally neck and neck to each other within every hour. I was on the edge of my seat wondering who will get the eventual upper hand. Sure enough, Kyouko would win with a close call of 31 votes. While Kyouko makes it to Regular Season, in reality, she is going to have a really hard time trying to make ends meet. If Kyouko had a hard time with Tsugimu, I cannot phantom to know how poorly she will do in the remainder of her matches. Hopefully, she will do well, as I do not see her as the one who be labeled as the zero of this year.

Arena 16: Arena 16 had one of a unexpected surprises for me. I knew it was going to be either way, but I felt for certain Ayase was going to win with her final episode energy. It seemed like the boost died down just enough for Meiko to take advantage of the situation to win her match. It really was a 180 flip for me, but it was a good one. I like Menma as a character and am glad to see her advancing to the next round; however, reality states that she is going to have a hard time following through now that she is in. Menma is currently the girl most prone for a 0-35 streak so Menma has to be careful if she wants to garner at least one victory.

Arena 23: It was either one way or the other, and the world has spoken. It is hard to see Fate go after much history she and her faction had done in the many years of Saimoe history. A number of Fate fans are going to be saddened by this, but this is what time does to our characters. Fate is going to be missed as the first ISML tiara bearer walks away. It really will not be the same without her.

Arena 24: I thought this match needed a shout-out as well, given how close their match was. Mafuyu barely makes it out of the woods, harboring a vote difference of 85. Although Mafuyu makes it in for another year, her next big step is to try to survive as much as possible. Mafuyu did not do too well last year, and I do not expect her to do just as well this year.

Arena 31: Although Hecate made it in, which made some of the people around the world rejoice, the fact that she defeated Ushio by 59 votes says something in a negative sense. Hecate seems to be running out of power and going back to her usual lack of strength as time progresses. At this point, I would not be surprised if she will be this year’s 0-35 contestant. Hecate really has to step up to the game here; this is the big girls league from here on out.

Arena 32: A personal favorite of mine, for I enjoy Kotomi as a character. I am much pleased that she won the match that mattered and with a decent amount of power as well. If a win form Ritsu, Kotomi looks to make it big…only to possibly land short in almost every single match she will be in. Well, at least she came back from a one-year haitus, so I can possible hope.

Nova Division:

  • Arena 1: Kirishima Shōko > Reki
  • Arena 2: Haqua du Lot Herminium > Takahara Ayumi
  • Arena 3: Konoe Subaru > Sena Airi
  • Arena 4: Nakagawa Kanon > Hotogi Shirayuki
  • Arena 5: Sakura Kyōko > Tsugumi
  • Arena 6: Fear Kubrick > Laura Bodewig
  • Arena 7: Gasai Yuno > Ika-Musume
  • Arena 8: Kasugano Sora > Kaname Madoka
  • Arena 9: Elucia de Lute Irma > Ueno Kirika
  • Arena 10: Iwasawa Asami > Toshinō Kyōko
  • Arena 11: Mine Riko > Matsumae Ohana
  • Arena 12: Haruna > Ayuzawa Misaki
  • Arena 13: Aragaki Ayase > Shinonono Hōki
  • Arena 14: Suzutsuki Kanade > Shionji Yūko (Alice)
  • Arena 15: Shimada Minami > Tomoe Mami
  • Arena 16: Honma Meiko > Shinomiya Ayase

Stella Division:

  • Arena 17: Ikaros > Saten Ruiko
  • Arena 18: Hiiragi Kagami > Furude Rika
  • Arena 19: Sanzen’in Nagi > Maria
  • Arena 20: Konjiki no Yami > Kawashima Ami
  • Arena 21: Asahina Mikuru > Sakurano Kurimu
  • Arena 22: Index L. Prohibitorum > Yūki Mikan
  • Arena 23: Shirai Kuroko > Fate Testarossa
  • Arena 24: Shiina Mafuyu > Ibuki Fūko
  • Arena 25: Izumi Konata > Lala Satalin Deviluke
  • Arena 26: Fujibayashi Kyō > Saginomiya Isumi
  • Arena 27: Furukawa Nagisa > Takamachi Nanoha
  • Arena 28: Kotobuki Tsumugi > Hiiragi Tsukasa
  • Arena 29: Nymph > Kotegawa Yui
  • Arena 30: Hirasawa Ui > Kushieda Minori
  • Arena 31: Hecate > Okazaki Ushio
  • Arena 32: Ichinose Kotomi > Tainaka Ritsu

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