Medaka Box: Episode 2

It is a new day at the student council and a new look in the case of Zenkichi, who is wearing a jersey under his uniform. Another tasked was asked of them; this time, it was a case to find someone who ruined her good pair of running shoes. At first glance, one can assume that it was badly teared off by someone of malice, but, upon closer inspection, the truth lies within how the shoe was cut. While the shoes itself were damaged, the way it was destroyed made it clear that whoever did this had much respect for this type of running shoe and possibly wore them herself. Medaka goes on to also deduct that the culprit was a former runner, was left handed based on how the shoe was cut, and lived at a certain district based on the message that was cut out from a newspaper. With Medaka deducting all of this, the search was on for who the culprit was today.

Shiranui Hansode, who Zenkichi considers a good friend, immediately provides him with the track–and-field runner who perfectly matches Medaka’s description. While Zenkichi states that it must be her, Medaka tells him not to quickly judge without any solid proof. Zenkichi doubts that Medaka will do anything such as asking her directly if she did it, Medaka did exactly that. Isanaya, the culprit, immediately runs away by instinct, wondering how she knew it was her. While Mekada was able to catch up to her, instead of running, Medaka manages to outspeed her by jumping. She asks the question again. Isanaya immediately denies it, to which Medaka believes and leaves, commenting on the way she ran. Zenkichi tells her that that is the type of person Medaka was. Although she is high and mighty, she is quite gullible, for she believes there is good in every person she meets. Zenkichi decides to let her go for Medaka’s sake, wanting her to repent on her actions. In the end, a new pair of shoes was returned to the client, and all was said and done…until Medaka believes her apology letter was an act of mockery of her ability.

The second half deals with three messages, but the main help of interest had to do with a missing dog. Zenkichi presents all three to Medaka, of which Medaka tells him to perform the dog search for her sake. Zenkichi does just that and, with the help of Hansode, finds the dog, only to realized it has turned into a stray wolf. Zenkichi performed his best to get him, but with no luck and Hansode’s laughter, Zenkichi walks up to Medaka empty-handed.  However, Zenkichi vows to get the dog by his own hands tomorrow, with the possible help of Hansode. This mentioning of another girl causes Medaka to tick, telling him that she will be the one to get the dog. Zenkichi wonders if that truly was a good idea, but Medaka insisted.

The next day, Medaka dresses up in a revealing dog outfit with Zenkichi and Handose as spectators. Medaka glares at the two as she walks up to the dog. Handose was surprised that such a perfect lady like her could be gullible, jealous, and afraid of animals, but Zenkichi tells her that the latter was wrong. In fact, Medaka adores animals; however, animals are afraid of her. It turns out that her natural aura of superiority was so great, that animals were able to sense her overpowering nature. Following the laws of wildlife, animals will run and/or cower in fear at the sight of a more powerful foe. This was the animal trauma that she had since she was young: the thought that animals hated her. This left a scar in her heart, thinking that she must be a bad person if animals still did not like her after all this time. Of course, she would not know about her over-bearing personality that Zenkichi continues to comment.


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