Acchi Kocchi: Episode 2

Once more, a very cute and satisfying episode. Of course, it helps that everyone in the group have such good chemistry with each other, even the background characters, whether they realize it or not. The first half deals with life at Io, Sakaki, and Hime’s part time job at a cafe during a rainstorm for shelter. Inui Miiko, the owner of the face, wastes no time trying to get more helpers by having Mayoi and Tsumiki wearing some of the working clothes she had just created. Miiko asks them about working as part-timers here. Sakaki would teach them how to greet the customer, but ended up showing a grim face. Miiko, on the other hand, shows a smile shined so brightly that the three girls were unable to take it.

The group talked about the new sweets they were going to try out to day, but Sakaki mentions that if they eat too much, it will all go to their stomach as fat. Nevertheless, they are eager, especially Tsumiki. The focus on this part seemed to be drawn on Io. His warm smile and casual words set on perfect timing make him one of the most dangerous men out there. Mayoi was highly blushing from his words, but Hime and Tsukimi were knocked out and bleeding from their noses. Sakaki and Mayoi would also teased him on how he would be a perfect bartender, given the situation. After finally finishing the small cakes as well as their tea, the group commented on which sweet they liked the best. Mayoi joked that Io was the sweetest of them all, causing Tsimiki and Hime to bleed from their noses once more.

The second half of the show dealt with Valentine’s day and how the three girls were going to celebrate it. Mayoi comes up with a battle plan to have Tsumiki move Io’s heart by wearing nothing but a ribbon and asking Io to eat her. Of course, this calls for an attack to Mayoi’s head which makes her introduce a love potion that will make Io fall in love with Tsumiki. While Hime was flustered of the use of such an item, Tsumiki highly doubts that it will work. The three of them go shopping together, and Tsumiki states that Io actually likes chocolate flavored things, but not chocolate in and of itself. Clearly, Tsumiki knows him a lot more that they originally thought of him. The three manage to buy some chocolate that was selling quickly, but Mayoi claims that she is going to shop for more for her secret ingredient. Later, we see that Hime was baking heart-shaped chocolate chip cookies, Tsukimi was making cat-shaped chocolate mousse cake, and Mayoi … well, she is working on her secret chocolate recipe, and leave it at that.

Valentine’s day is here, and Tsumiki is the first to give her chocolate to Io, despite having it served as a wild throw to the body. Sakaki was the next to give out chocolate, as be presented a chocolate cake for them to eat. Mayoi came after, handing both Io and Sakaki some pieces of chocolate. As soon as they ate it, Mayoi told them there was frog meat in them, causing them to throw it back out. Finally, it was Hime, who handed all of them some cookies but was too flustered to say what they are to them. After school, Mayoi would put some chocolate lipstick on Tsumiki’s lips and push her to Io. Both Mayoi and Sakaki would force Io to do something, to which he commented on her soft and sweet lips. Truly, Io is a dangerous man to walk into, even as a friend.


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