KBM Round of 96: Results 29-32 (Restarted)

Arena 29 – Vector Unlimited

Accelerator (75) truly tore down the house at the end of this one. With his onslaught of power and crasy rage, hardly anyone would figure out what it would take to stop him. No matter how many numbers he has, it does not help Mikado Ryugamine (46) well if none of the numbers were able to take him down. Even Uzumaki Naruto (36) in his sage mode was not enough to take him down. Slowly, the word succumbs into darkness.

Group 30 – A Teacher’s Duty

Some grown-up has to make sure that everything going on in KBM runs smoothly, and probably the best one to keep everything in task is Hatake Kakashi (86). Sure, he may be lazy, but he works when it counts the most, Sadly for Takagi Akito (37), it would mean that his mangaka dream is going to wait for a while and Shinomiya Natsuki, who would need to put his musical abilities to hold.

Group 31 – Angelic Smile

Kuronuma Sawako (65) becomes the second girl to advance to Round of 32. It seems like all the hard work she has been put through is finally making some form of effort. Not even the enigmatic Mystogen (55) and the more intelligent one of the bunch Heiji Hattori (37) were taken aback by by the purity and beauty of a girl like her, leaving no other choice but to walk away.

Group 32 – A Hero’s Journey

And Shinpachi Shimura (75) becomes the last person to make it in to Round of 32. With Celty Sturluson (61) and Yagyu Kyubei (21) wanting to whack Shimura out of the fiend, it was quite hard for him to figure exactly what to do to keep the girls down. In the end, he comes up with a last-minute execution that has managed to save him more so than it should. A victory is a victory, and Shimura is wasting no ttime trying to make it to the top for Gintoki and Kagura’s place.


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