Nazo No Kanojo X: Episode 2

So, what exactly constitutes as a couple? Must it be material? Is it possible to have the mental image that they can be called a couple yet still be called as such? These are the many questions that swirled around Akira’s mind. While the two of them have been dating for almost a month now, the things that they have been doing thus far does not really subject the fact that they are indeed couples. Sure, they always meet each other every after school so she can give him her drool, but Akira thinks that that in and of itself was not enough. Therefore, Akira goes into great lengths to find out what they should do to act like couples more.

Obtaining advice from a non-experienced friend in love, Akira tries out many things in order to get himself and Mikoto closer to each other. He tries to hold her hand, but it appears that she is not the type that wants to be touched. Akira tries to get a conversation going by asking about her hobbies, to which Mikoto shows a rather impressive and flashy way to use scissors to cut and create arts and crafts. However, even with such movement, I can hardly picture her with an art club given her rather talented but odd way of presenting such a talent. More importantly, the movements make it seem as though they can be used for defensive and/or offensive maneuvers. Akira tries to casually talk to her about random subjects, but Mikoto id not seem to be interested. Before they leave, Mikoto gives the candy that was in her mouth with her drool to him, asking if it was sweet. Of course, Akira blushes and hugs her, but this is answered with several boxes cut up behind him. Surely, there had to be something that labels them as couples besides name.

Akira tries to give her some tickets to see a movie on Sunday, but she declines, saying that she had something to do that day. This makes Akira collapse, wondering exactly what it means to be a couple. Mikoto goes on to say that they are couple due to a special bond that many would never have: their drool. To prove this, Mikoto brings him to an abandoned building where she tells him to sit on a chair and close his eyes until she asks him to open them again. Here, she provides him some of her drool, but the feeling of it was much different than any other he experienced. She explains that her drool can also pass on the current emotions swirling on per body. In this case, it was embarrassment and passion as she was standing in front of him with her clothes taken off. Thus was her reasoning on why they are a couple and what makes them a couple, this rather unique yet meaningful relationship. I was sold with her reasoning, and, thankfully, so did Akira.

The next day was just like any other day with a slight twist. Apparently, Akira dreamed of the two of them having sex, thus the reason he was blushing throughout their walk. Curious about what he was thinking about, Mikoto took some drool from his mouth and stated it herself. To my surprise, Mikoto’s nose was bleeding. It could very well possibly be that Mikoto is not as stoic as one would appear and is just like everyone else: a girl going through puberty with an interest in bonding with a male, in this case, Akira. There is certainly more that meets the eye with this couple, and I am interested to see exactly how their relationship will continue to bloom as time progresses.

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